Chicago: Travel Recap 2019

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Hello everyone! I am back on the blog today sharing a Chicago Recap. This past week, my family and I drove from Michigan to downtown Chicago for a mini-vacation after USAV Nationals (massive volleyball tournament) in Indy. Enjoy reading today’s post! As always, follow me on instagram @sunshinestatejulia for more daily posts.



We only stayed in Chicago for three days, two of them being full days. This mini-vacation was the perfect balance between relaxing and getting stuff done! The picture above is of UChicago’s campus which I toured with my mom and fell in love with! The Hyde Park neighborhood which its located in is adorable and its only a 20 minute ride to the city. I could definitely see myself being a student there.


On the first day in Chicago, my family split up to visit different museums. My mom and I spent time at the Art Institute of Chicago and my dad and sister went to the Field Museum. Before separating, we stopped at the Bean for a photo-op. The last time my family visited the Bean I was in 6th grade!


On Tuesday night, my mom and sister went to see the production, Hamilton, while my dad and I decided to go out to dinner. I’m so glad that my sister was finally able to see the show as she LOVES the soundtrack and knows every song. We went to this delicious restaurant called RPM Italian which was packed. Luckily, we were able to find a seat at the bar. My dad and I shared a pistachio pesto salmon dish and a pecorino-prosciutto tortellini. Both were incredible! My drink in the picture is a pomegranate ginger-beer mocktail which was super refreshing.


This piece I am looking at is by a French artist I am familiar with due to AP Art History: Paul Gaugin. His work is extremely intense as is his personality. I suggest looking into his piece “Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?” His reasoning behind painting it and his thoughts are crazy.


Here’s another cool picture of the Bean for ya!


One of the best, most filling, and rich desserts I have had. To follow up a delicious dinner at RPM Italian, my dad and I decided to go the the Ghirardelli store and share a delicious brownie ice cream sundae. It was a little messy, but worth it!


My sister, dad, and I went on a walk across the Chicago beach. Since I live in Florida, I’m not really used to this type of beach! It was super weird walking from a city corner and then appearing at a “beach”. The one thing is, the people in Chicago obviously appreciate the nice weather and take advantage of it.

Overall, this mini-trip was so much fun and productive as I was able to visit UChicago. I hope you liked today’s post and continue to follow along!

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