Merry & Bright

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas or an amazing holiday! I’m jumping back on the blog today to share my holiday outfit for this Christmas. My family and I spend Christmas in Chicago and that usually means it will snow (which I love). This year, there wasn’t any snow, but it sure was cold!

On Christmas Day, my entire extended family came over for dinner and spent the day at my grandparents house. Although I love dressing up for Christmas, I usually end up putting on pajamas and running around with my cousins in the basement! The Christmas party consisted of playing ping-pong, running around the basement, and eating wayyyy too many cookies.

For my outfit, I wore a super cozy, turquoise sweater from American Eagle. This is one of my favorite sweaters I own because of the adorable braid detailing down the front! My denim skirt is from Topshop at Nordstrom which I bought many months ago and hadn’t worn. I’m in love with the sparkly rainbow line down the seam of the skirt; it’s so unique! Obviously Chicago weather isn’t similar to the Florida winter I’m used to, so I also wore black tights from Target. Unfortunately, I have no idea where my boots are from because they were purchased many years ago.







Thanks for reading today’s blogpost! I hope you had a wonderful holiday and if you are in school, a relaxing winter break. Make sure to follow my Instagram @sunshinestatejulia to stay updated with my daily life!

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