Czech Republic Travel Recap


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I’m back on the blog writing my FAVORITE type of posts, travel posts. This summer my family and I traveled to Croatia, Czech Republic, and Greece. I absolutely love to travel and this trip was one of the best adventures I have been on. Every time I travel to Europe, I remember how much I love it and never want to return home. In today’s blogpost, I will be hitting the highlights of Prague, Czech Republic.

If we are being honest, I thought I wouldn’t love the city of Prague, but I was completely wrong. I fell in LOVE with Prague. The architecture is beautiful and reminds me of Paris with a Hungarian touch. The cobblestone streets are lined with restaurants, bakeries, local art shops, and stores. If you are ever planning a vacation to Europe, I highly recommend visiting Prague. Continue reading below for my highlights of the trip!

John Lennon Wall: 

The John Lennon Wall was such a cool part of Prague. The wall is painted with colorful graffiti and has song lyrics by John Lennon and the Beatles. This brightly colored wall is used as a tribute to John Lennon and is a huge tourist destination in Prague.



The variety of food in Prague was amazing! We ate everything from traditional Czech foods to drinking chocolate. The pictures above are only about half of the foods we ate and don’t do any justice. Thanks to TripAdvisor, my mom found a drinking chocolate bakery. Drinking chocolate isn’t just your normal hot chocolate, it’s liquid chocolate. The Choco Cafe had a large variety of chocolates ranging from milk chocolate with a raisin aftertaste to dark chocolate with subtle hints of vanilla in the aftertaste. The drinks were extremely rich and delicious. We each only could drink about half of the teacup! While in Prague, we figured we should have some traditional meals. Czech food is pretty heavy, which is why we only ate it twice during the five days we were there. We ate potato dumplings and bread dumplings, chicken schnitzel, duck, and a beef stew. It was good, but not my favorite cuisine. My family loves Indian food and was really craving it, so we found a place on Yelp and went for it. We waited a super long time, but it ended up being worth it! The food was amazing and the flavors had so many elements. Lastly, we found some of the best gelato ever. We have been to Rome and are ice cream / gelato fanatics, and this was some of the most delicious gelato we’ve had. I ordered dark chocolate and lavender which was super refreshing and tasty.


The Prague Zoo:

The Prague Zoo was the best zoo I have ever been to. They had such beautiful and organized facilities. We spent quite a while at the zoo observing all the different species of animals. My favorite were the three polar bears! I had never seen a polar bear before and let me tell you they are even larger than I thought. It was adorable watching them swim around their pool and stick up their necks. We walked through a bat cave which was very scary, but also cool. The tunnel was very dark and you could feel the bats flying overhead and the “whoosh” of their wings above you. One time a wing actually hit my head and then I decided it was time to squat my way out of the tunnel.



The architecture in Prague is gorgeous! Everywhere you walk there is something to look at. Some roofs on buildings look almost as if they are castles! My family and I went to the oldest theater in Prague and listened to an orchestra preform and it was beautiful. The interior was lined in gold and had many intricate designs carved into the wood. Throughout the city we found different pieces of street art like the one pictured above!


These were the highlights of visiting Prague! Prague is one of my favorite cities in Europe and it is so underrated. Thank you for reading today’s blogpost and stay tuned for more to come!


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