Summer in Santorini

Another destination on our family’s vacation was Thira, Greece. Thira is the same island as Santorini except Thira is the Greek name. Santorini is a magical place with breathtaking views. It’s like a dry desert with little vegetation with sparkling blue water surrounding the island. Our family stayed in Santorini for three days in a beautiful villa which overlooked the water and mountains. Although three days seems like a short time, it was plenty of time to see the entire island (yes, the whole island) and see what it had to offer. Santorini is beautiful, but it is one of the places you go to once, and probably won’t return. I loved my stay on the island of Thira, but it is a HUGE tourist destination in July. Enjoy this post!

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Day 1:

We arrived to the villas the night before around 5:00 pm and went out to a nice dinner in the town of Imerovigli which was a 10 minute drive. We stayed at a beautiful villa in between the towns of Imerovigli and Oia, which meant that we had only one neighbor and there were very few other villas / resorts next to us! In the morning, we woke up and ate an AMAZING breakfast on the patio of the pool. It consisted of fresh fruits, the best chocolate souffle, fried eggs, and tea and coffee. After enjoying our breakfast, we headed out to the beginning of a hiking trail. This two hour trail led us to the town of Oia. Along the way, we passed beautiful white and blue churches which were located high in the mountains. Once we made it to Oia, we wandered the streets and did some window shopping until the lunch restaurant opened at 1:00. Speaking of which, everyone in Greece eats extremely late! We devoured a phenomenal lunch at this restaurant which served appetizer portions of everything, like tapas. My family and I shared many different types of Greek cuisine from the traditional meatballs (mushroom and beef), Greek salad, tzatziki (greek dip), Melitzanosalata (eggplant dip), souvlaki (chicken skewers), a bright pink beet dip (my personal favorite), and an assortment of other little things. We decided to take a taxi back to our villa instead of hiking back because the temperature had gotten much hotter since the morning. At the villa, we lounged by the pool, did some reading, and took naps. That night, we drove to dinner in Oia and ate at another place similar to the lunch joint. Oia is known for having the most beautiful sunsets. It was gorgeous, but Florida sunsets do give it a run for its money! To end our night, we had a gelato and drove back to the villa. Sadly, Croatia had lost the World Cup against France that night. It’s okay though, if it had to anyone I’m glad France won.








Day 2:

Today was a bit crazy. To begin our morning, we woke up early and had the same delicious breakfast. We drove to the ancient ruins of the City of Akrotiri. We had a two hour tour and it was incredible. Walking through the ruins where archeologists are still excavating is crazy. We were walking through people’s homes, workshops, and town which is now rubble due to the volcanic eruptions many, many years ago. After finishing up walking through the ruins of Akrotiki, we went to the Red Rock Beach which is a lookout point where the open water goes on and on. We then drove to another lookout point, but on the opposite side of the island. Santorini is a small island; it only takes around 45 minutes to get from one side to the other. The lookout was an abandoned lighthouse on top of a rocky viewpoint. It was interesting to see the cruise ships come into port and to watch the sailboats glide across the water. My family and I then jumped back into the car to head to a wine tasting. Although I am only 15, I have been to a few wine tasting due to our travels. This tour didn’t include an actual tour of the vineyards and the fermenting process, which I find the most interesting. After tasting the wines, we had a cheese board which had some of the most fresh and delicious cheese ever. Following the cheese plate, we were super hungry because it was already 2:45! We had a large lunch at the restaurant next door and drove back to the villa to do some swimming and relaxing. That night, we went to Fira (another town) for dinner and ate at a Lebanese place. The outside seating was stunning and we enjoyed our meal!


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Day 3:

Sadly, today was our last day in Santorini. Our flight left at 6:30 pm, so we had most of the day to spend on the island. We had a slightly later start to the morning (8:30 ish) and ate the amazing breakfast for the last time. Afterwards, we packed our bags up and left to go to the Black Sand Beach. This beach was so much fun and interesting because the sand is black due to volcanic dust and rubble. Now I can say I’ve been to a red sand beach, black sand, and white sand! After lounging around and swimming for a little while, we left and headed back to the villas to check out and say goodbye to the beautiful view. We drove to a restaurant near the airport and ate amazing food before leaving on our flight. Unfortunately, we had only 30 minutes to order and eat, so we were very rushed and didn’t get to enjoy it. After racing to the airport, we realized it was one room and SO CROWDED. To top it off, our flight ended up getting delayed until 8:00 so we had to wait and sit on the floor in the airport.

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Overall, our stay in Santorini was amazing and I am so happy that my family and I were able to travel there this year! Thank you for reading this blogpost and stay tuned for the rest!


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