Freshman Year Recap

Welcome or welcome back to my blog, sunshinestatejulia. In today’s blogpost, I will be sharing my experience during freshman year of high school. Continue reading to learn about my experience and make sure to follow me on Instagram @sunshinestatejulia for daily snippets.

To begin the year, I tried out for varsity volleyball which I had been on the year before (my school goes from preschool until senior year). During my eighth grade year on varsity, I didn’t play because my position was already filled. This year, I would need to step up and become the starting libero. As excited as I was, I was also terrified because no other girls from my grade were on the team. Being the only freshman, I was worried the other girls wouldn’t think I was good enough or wouldn’t like me. Contrary to what I originally worried about, the season was one of the best few months ever. We bonded so well and I loved being friends with upper classmen. It ended up making high school easier. We made it to the Regional Finals which is the farthest that we have been in around 30 years. Oh and did I mention we had ZERO seniors. This means our team will be the same and we will move further!!! It felt amazing to represent my school and have an incredible time with the team. I am SO beyond excited to play my sophomore year.

Homecoming week was another highlight of my freshman year. The dress up days were by far my favorites. Around 20 of my friends and I dressed up as fruits for flock day which was adorable. Also, I was asked to homecoming in such a thoughtful way. He made flan because we traveled to Cuba on a school trip and it was our inside joke. The dance itself was also a great time. I loved my dress and my shoes were super comfortable as well as cute. During homecoming week, we had a class color day where we competed against the other grades. I coached the boys volleyball and we beat the Juniors, but lost to the Seniors which landed us 3rd in that category. Jumping up and down screaming for our victory was something I will remember forever.

Service Week was a memorable week for me. Our school takes the week before spring break to help out with service. Whether it be in Haiti or locally, we want to make a difference. I chose Urban Gardening and wasn’t initially excited (freshman choose last). It turned out to be so much fun. We harvested, composted, raked, built fences, etc. Many of my good friends were in the group along with my favorite teacher chaperoning. Turns out that I didn’t mind digging in the dirt and shoveling compost piles.

Although this isn’t school related, it is the most memorable thing that happened to me this year. My club volleyball team received not one, but TWO bids to the Junior Olympics for volleyball in Detroit this summer. We have been trying to get a bid for the past three years, and it finally happened. I was hysterically crying and so beyond happy. After placing second last year twice at qualifiers (where you needed 1st to receive a bid), I couldn’t take another heartbreak. We pulled through and worked harder than ever. This year, our team is super close and the girls are so sweet.

In my freshman year, I learned some things. Below I am going to create a brief list about some things I’ve caught onto. (if you want to read a post similar to this click Turning 15…15 Things I’ve Learned)

  1. Use study hall wisely
  2. Take some risks
  3. You DO NOT have to look put together every day
  4. Have some you time, but spend time with friends when you can
  5. Live in the moment


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