Julia’s Jumble #4

Long time no blog! It finally feels good to get back into blogging and being on here again. School and volleyball has recently been kicking my butt, but luckily school is almost over. I thought it would be perfect to do a Julia’s Jumble due to the fact that I have been MIA on my blog for about two months. I swear, I have an explanation. Continue reading to hear what’s new and read until the bottom to find out why I wasn’t blogging!


1) Next Stop: Junior Olympics!!!

If you have been following my blog this past year, you might know that I am a competitive volleyball player. This year is my fifth year playing club volleyball and is finally the year that we received a bid to the Junior Olympics. For newcomers, it is EXTREMELY hard to qualify to win a bid, heck it took us three years. Not only did we get one bid in American by winning 1st out of 110 teams (the lower category), we won ANOTHER one in the USA division by taking second place out of 104 teams in Atlanta (higher category)!! For the readers who play club volleyball, I hope I see you there and I’d love to get into contact with each other about tournament times.

2) Kombucha

Recently I have gotten into drinking kombucha. My current favorite is the flavor ginger-berry from the GT’s Kombucha brand. It’s an acquired taste, but is super good for your gut and has tons of health benefits!!


3) Driving

I got my permit a week after my birthday due to difficulties (which will be explained in a blogpost soon). My birthday was in February and I began driving right away. Now, driving has become so easy and I know when it’s my turn at a four way stop, how to make right / left turns smoothly, changing lanes in traffic, etc. Just thought I would share!


4) National History Day

For the past three years, I have participated in National History Day. This year, I did a group documentary with some friends and placed 2nd at the county level and went to the state fair in Tallahassee. We ended up placing 4th overall out of 48 teams! It was super exciting to represent our county at the state level.


5) Why I Haven’t Been Blogging

Honestly, I have been so overrun recently and exhausted from school, volleyball, and life. I attend a very difficult school where I have anywhere from two to five hours of homework / studying per night and have very high standards for myself. In order to achieve my standards, I work really hard at school. As mentioned before, I also play competitive volleyball, which means I play around 5 days of the week and get home at 10:15. In the two months I was not blogging, I flew to Denver to play volleyball and missed school, flew to Atlanta to play volleyball and missed school, and went to Orlando to play volleyball and missed school. Blogging became more of a burden than a fun activity or something I enjoyed. As a matter of fact, so did my Instagram. Recently I came to the conclusion that I need to blog when I have something to blog about, not when I feel that I should stick to my schedule. I will be focusing more on promoting my Instagram and using my blog as a platform to post meaningful things that I am proud of. Don’t get me wrong, I love blogging, volleyball, and sometimes school, but it is hard to balance all of them will pouring my full effort into each.

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