Velvet Skirt Style with @apocketfuloffaith

Hello readers! I hope everyone is having a great week and is feeling their best! I am currently having some spring break fever and am EXHAUSTED from school. Anyone else feeling this way? In today’s blogpost, I am sharing an outfit collaboration with Faith from!

This skirt is from American Eagle and is the coziest skirt ever! The velvet material is super soft and easy to wear. The skirt can be dressed up and down. I tend to wear this skirt with a long sleeve fitted shirt.

The details on this skirt are adorable! The wrap-around is flowly and adds a fun touch to the outfit. On the side of the skirt, there two long ties where you tie a bow!! Also, the skirt is currently on sale at American Eagle for $19!! Enjoy the photos below!





Thank you for reading today!! Make sure to check out Faith’s style too!


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