Mail with Me: January Edition 2018

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Personally, coming home and opening up mail packages is just so much fun! It sounds kinda dorky, but I love tracking the packages and awaiting their arrival so I can see the goodies inside. I prefer to online shop rather than go into stores (which I still like) because it’s just easier because my closest mall is 45 minutes away. Also as a blogger I do some collaborations with companies to test out their products and take quality photos of them. I also leave my honest review on my Instagram @sunshinestatejulia or on the blog. Over the month of January, I received a few packages that I thought I would share. Some of which I purchased, and some I was sent. Before I begin the post I have a little disclaimer! I’m not trying to brag or show off these things and am doing this post because it was requested. I have previously written a Mail with Me: April Edition last year and would love for you to read it!



The first package I received during January was from an Etsy shop called oknecklace. They make dainty, handbeaded necklaces. What’s unique about these is the fact that it doesn’t have a clasp. The large bead in the center loops around a loop, which holds it together! It’s the prettiest and creative detail. The package held two pseudo-chokers which have different colored beads. Thank you to oknecklace for sending me these to try out and take photos!




»southeast monograms

I have previously worked with Southeast Monograms to promote some of their monograms which I love! They were kind enough to send me some more because I used all the other ones. I’m thinking about putting one of the new ones on my laptop!


»lizzie mac jewelry

In the past, I’ve worked with Lizzie Mac Jewelry and LOVE her pieces. They are so trendy and I own the turquoise choker and wear it non-stop. I own nothing like this new piece. It’s a drop choker with a sun pendant in the middle. How perfect? SUNSHINEstatejulia! It’s also a cream color which matches many outfits. I can’t wait to style this piece. If you would like to purchase something from her shop, you can use the code JULIA20 for 20% your entire purchase!


»nordstrom urban decay palette

Nordstrom usually has some great sales after the holidays including all the gift sets that didn’t sell. I think one of them must be this Urban Decay Troublemaker Palette. The colors are stunning and super fun. Usually I don’t just purchase eyeshadow for myself, but it was $21 dollars! It also comes with a travel size mascara. Such a steal!


»lilly pulitzer APS package

After patiently waiting five weeks for my order to arrive, it finally came! Out of the five things I ordered, only one doesn’t fit at all. I will most likely sell it on Poshmark because the pajama pants are new with tags!

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