Julia’s Jumble #3

We’re back with the third Julia’s Jumble! I’m liking how these personal blogposts are going, and it seems like you all are too (engagement wise)! If you are new to my blog, my name is Julia and have had this year for around two years and share my love for fashion, travel, and lifestyle. I’d love it if you followed my blog and Instagram, @sunshinestatejulia. This type of series, Julia’s Jumble, is little details of my life that I wouldn’t necessarily share in a regular blogpost. If you missed the last two, you can read Julia’s Jumble #1 and Julia’s Jumble #2!


1) The first semester is finally over. I worked extremely hard in each my classes and the outcome was very rewarding. Now the hard part will be keeping my grades the same if not higher! I will attempt to maintain my study habits during the second semester and continue with planning my time management. Let’s hope for the best!!!!

2) I found the best green smoothie recipe. I am HUGE into making smoothies and have made so many combinations. They’re a great healthy after school snack. I came across this green smoothie recipe online and it was great! I added a little pineapple because it’s my favorite fruit, but otherwise, I suggest following the recipe exactly.

3) I’m not sure if I have shared this, but I am taking Studio Art at my school and have fallen in love with it! Recently I entered my piece titled “Dark Horse” into a Scholastic contest, and received an Honorable Mention, which is essentially a Bronze Medal! Not too shabby for my first year in art. I’m excited to learn to oil paint.


4) For the new year, I changed up my blog! This layout is much more sophisticated and simple. My style has changed since I started blogging, so this layout is great for me. I actually have another little thing in the works as well so stayed tuned for that!


5) Recently I discovered this little coffee shop near me which serves coffee and crepes. The interior of the place looks like a chic barn. The atmosphere is wonderful and the food is even better. I ordered a crepe with my friend called the Nutty Joe. This crepe has nutella in the middle, coffee ice cream, oreos, and comes with espresso to dip!


6) I entered an essay contest about Tolerance in my daily life at my school, and won! I was so excited to win because I actually really liked my paper and had put a lot of time into it.

Thanks for reading today! Follow the blog to see when I post and so I show up in your feed of blogposts!


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