St. Lucia Travel Recap

Over winter break, I visited the beautiful island of St. Lucia. My trip was absolutely wonderful and the resort we stayed at was amazing. The food was incredible (we found the BEST Indian place), the people were friendly (except for the guy who stopped our car, peed in front of us, and made us pay him), and the views were stunning. From this trip, I had many new experiences, for the good and bad. Traveling is always such a treat and this was the perfect post-Christmas getaway. Unfortunately, I didn’t log each individual day in St. Lucia, so I don’t have a day by day post. In this blogpost, I will be hitting the highlights of the trip.


The Travel to the Resort:

This might have been one of the scariest and most exciting parts of the trip. The island of St. Lucia is very small for starters. Two days after Christmas, my family flew from Chicago to Miami, then from Miami to St. Lucia. After seven hours of travel, my family arrived in St. Lucia at around 4:00 in the afternoon. Most tourists that travel to St. Lucia either take a helicopter to their resort or book a van through the resort. Of course my family decided to rent a car and take on the drive to the resort. The drive would have been around four hours if we had driven all in one day, but my mom booked a one night stay at a small hotel/motel an hour away from the airport in the mountains. Oh, one thing I forgot to mention. The cars drive on the left side of the “road” / side of the mountain and the steering wheel is where the passenger seat usually is. The place was hidden within the mountain and as we pulled up, the owner who lives there asked us, “Who are you?” They supposedly didn’t have our reservation which my parents booked over 10 months. That was kind of scary. Luckily, no one else was staying there (for a reason) and it was so hidden from any food or anything. We hadn’t eaten since 11 am and had only eaten one empanada in Miami. The owners felt bad for us and made us a dinner which was very kind, but it wasn’t good, at all. As I swallowed down the gross food, we went to shower and there was no warm water, just some freezing water. We then went to bed, which was not so much fun. Throughout the night, we heard chickens, dogs, cats, birds, and every other possible animal down the mountain calling. In the morning, we left quite quickly.

We then drove for three hours down and up winding roads which seemed to only be a one way path, but somehow two cars managed to go up and down. We passed through many little towns, some were quaint and cute, some which were sketchy. Some of the sights we saw were many toothless men, cute children, a man chasing us, and a man who held a boa near us! Though these sights are interesting, the one which was most terrifying happened to be when we took a wrong turn. Google Maps isn’t the most accurate in a foreign country, and told us to take a left, even though we should have stayed on the main road. While on a pot hole road with overgrown plant life, a man stopped the car, told us we were going the wrong way and put the car to a halt because he needed to pee. He stood in front of the car, and went pee. In front of us. He then refused to move unless we paid him five dollars. After that, we continued driving and arrived to the Landings Resort. This is the NICEST place I have ever stayed. We rented a townhouse with the family who we were traveling with and it was so amazing. After our previous night, ANYTHING would have been better and the resort was all I could ever ask for and more.



The airplane ride to St. Lucia was gorgeous. After traveling for 7 hours, seeing this gorgeous view out the airplane was refreshing.




This photo is of me with some CRAZY hair on the beach. I’d just come back from some paddle boarding and have my beach ringlets. One of the best parts of the trips was relaxing on the beach and paddle boarding, going on the small sailboat, and snorkeling in the ocean to find sea creatures.



Another highlight of the trip was getting to hike to the top of a lookout point. This hike was a piece of cake for my family compared to our seven hour crazy hikes we do over the summer. If you want to read about this summer’s trip in the French Pyrenees, click here! The view was beautiful and you could see all the sides of the peninsula.



As I was saying before, soaking up the sun in St. Lucia made this trip the most relaxing and eventful vacation ever. I sat in this spot for around an hour just letting the tide come up.



Sulfur springs are very stinky, although they make your skin suuuupppeeerrrrr smooth. In this spring, we loaded ourselves in mud and painted fun designs on each other and rinsed off in the very hot water.



Here’s a photo of all of us while the sun was setting. As you can tell, we are all a little sunburned and have beach hair. Hey, it’s the aftermath of a good day.



Here is the room that the four kids shared! Me and Gavin, the youngest and oldest, slept in the twin beds, while Kate and Ryan slept on roll away beds. They were so comfortable and I slept well every night!



This was one of many highlights of the trip. I’d never been on a cademaran before and was thrilled to be able to sit on the netting and watch the waves hit the boat. We were on the boat for around four hours and had a peaceful time relaxing. My little sister, Kate actually fell asleep in that circle of ropes behind me, so cute! She looked like a little bird in a nest.



Every single morning, a buffet breakfast was included. The options always changed and were delicious. Don’t be fooled, I didn’t only have all those carbs! They had a beautiful fruit and juice selection which I needed a whole separate plate for!



One of our new favorite treats are virgin mojitos. They’re so refreshing and tangy. This photo is HORRIBLE quality (thanks Dad), but this was taken at the beach bar. look at the guy in the back lol



Although this photo isn’t posed, I just wanted to show the beautiful lighting of the sunset




Here’s another photo of Gavin and I right before the sun has set. It was just so pretty with the mountains in the background!



Total bliss. I was just floating by myself with the sun hitting my legs. This was probably one of the most relaxing experiences ever.



Here’s a picture of me from the only other night I wore something nice lol 🙂



The view from our townhouse in this gorgeous marina!


Thank you for reading today’s blogpost about my St. Lucia Recap! If you like adventure and love to travel, I highly recommend visiting St. Lucia at some point. Also if you were curious, the resort we stayed at was the Landing Resort and Spa. Follow my blog so you can see whenever I post!


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