Daily Skin Care Routine

Skin is so complicated, especially for teens. Personally, my skin isn’t acne-prone because of my genes, but I like to think that my skin care routine also helps keep my skin clear. There’s a fine line between putting too much on your skin versus not caring for it. For me, it is about finding the balance. My skin tends to be dryer rather than oily, but not to the extreme. Usually in the winter, my skin gets even dryer, but I have figured out the products to prevent that. My skincare routine is never set in stone because depending on what my skin needs, I will adjust. In today’s blogpost, I’ll be sharing the steps that I usually follow on the daily.

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 7.30.32 PM.png

1. Wash My Face with NUXE Rose Comforting Cleanser Milk

Over the summer in Paris I purchased this cleanser after reading many raving reviews. This product works so well on my skin and makes it feel smooth without drying it and without creating oil. The smell is so subtle and light which is great! I usually just use a pump with cold water.



2. Dry Skin Oil with NUXE

Yet again, another NUXE product that I purchased this summer. This oil can be used on any dry skin or hair. The smell is natural and moisturizes by face without clogging pores.


3. Moisturize with Estee Lauder

My most favorite moisturizers are any of the Estee Lauder moisturizers and creams. They hydrate my skin and spread smoothly. Every single moisturizer I have used from here has worked perfectly!


4. Getting Rid of Blemishes with Neutrogena On-The-Spot Acne Treatment

If I have a blemish, then I will put a light layer of this acne treatment and it will usually disappear in a few days.




5. Face Mask with Origins

I find that face masks relax me and my skin. Overdoing them can actually cause your skin to break out more, so I tend to do them every other week or once a month. I usually end up using the Origins masks which are just a paste type mask. If you prefer sheet masks, I highly recommend the Yes-To brand which is sold at Target.


I hope reading my skincare routine helps you with your skin! Remember, skin is always changing and you have to change the products you use to accommodate it!


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