Weekend in My Life: Holiday Edition

Hey readers! As much as I’ve been wanting to post tons of holiday themed blogpost, I haven’t done nearly as many as I’d hoped. This year I get out of school on the 22nd after my last midterm which doesn’t leave me much time to write many posts. As promised, I have kept up with my one blogpost a week! Enjoy today’s post and the pictures that go along with it.



Saturday was such an exciting day! To begin the morning, I slept in until around 10:30 which left me around an hour to put some things together for Midterms. I had such an exciting and busy day planned that I needed to get done with my schoolwork. At around 2-ish, I went to my friend’s gingerbread house decorating party. The decorations at the restaurant were gorgeous and it was so much fun to take photos and ice the houses. Once the party had ended, I quickly raced home and gathered my things for a quinceanera! Sadly, I didn’t get any photos of the event or my outfit because of how much of a rush I was in! The party was so much fun and my friend Maddie looked gorgeous!! That night after the party, one of my other friends slept over.







On Sunday, my friend and I began doing more of our homework and studying for exams. Later on during the day, we had another Christmas party with a white elephant exchange. The party was a blast and the white elephant was hilarious with all the switching. I brought a Lush gift set with two bath bombs and actually ended up receiving a different Lush set with my favorite scent, Lavender!! After the party, my friends and I watched The Grinch. I rushed from the party straight to volleyball practice for two and a half hours which was okay and involved a ton of conditioning.



This weekend was so much fun and I’m so glad that I have such great family and friends to celebrate the holiday season with!



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