Holiday Gift Guide for Girls: Under $30

Merry-Almost Christmas! I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season. Although exams are taking up some of the holiday season, it’s still fun to take some time to celebrate the Christmas season. Again, I asked on my Instagram poll which blogpost that you all wanted to see, and many of you requested to see a gift guide for friends under 30 dollars. As a teenager, it’s hard to buy many expensive gifts and things for the holiday’s so I hope this gift guide helps!



1. Etsy Shop Jewelry

2. Scarf

3. Volcano Candles

4. Bath Bomb

5. Stationary

6. Benefit Gift Set

7. Mug with Tea

8. Eyeshadow Palette

9. Pajama Pants / Slippers

10. Shower Speaker

11. Scrunchies

12. Waterbottle

13. Personalized Home Decor

14. Key Fob

15. Phone Cases

16. Sunglasses

17. Mermaid Tail Blanket

18. Makeup Brushes

19. Ugly Christmas Sweater

20. Succulent

Thank you for reading and I hope these gifts help!


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