Managing Midterms: Study Habits and Tips

Hi readers! Thankfully, it’s December which is my favorite month of the year! Christmas and the new year are right ahead, but until then, I will be focusing on school and midterms. At my school, my midterm is 20% of my overall grade for the first semester. I will be taking five midterms over the course of three days starting from December 20th-23rd. School is really important to me and I work very hard to keep my grades and GPA up. I wanted to publish this post earlier into December because time is money when studying. Cramming is the least effective and most stressful way to study for an exam. In today’s post, I’m sharing the best ways to study and some of my tips that help me!


Study Habits:

Study in Advance:

This one may seem like a known, but I suggest to start studying at least a week and a half in advance. Personally, I start gathering materials and reviewing about two and a half weeks in advance. Sometimes it’s difficult to start studying early because of other things. As of now, I still have three tests this week, a paper due, and a debate. I usually begin by spending 15 minutes for two classes.

Make Review Sheets / Study Guides:

Obviously this tip doesn’t go for every class, but for the ones that are relevant, it helps me. Some people feel that they are a waste of time, but personally, they help because you are studying while you are creating them and you can refer back to them later. I usually make them for English, Spanish, History, and sometimes Science. For math, I just create an outline.

Practice, Don’t Just Look Over:

Math is usually the hardest to study for. I sometimes find myself reviewing the concepts, not actually doing problems. Make sure that you are actually practicing problems. My favorite site for getting worksheets is and because they have all types of math from basic algebra to geometry!

Create Flashcards:

For classes that I need to memorize terms or definitions, I use quizlet to create study sets that I use frequently. These are also great for fill in the blanks, true or false, or preparing for multiple choice.




Put the Phone AWAY:

No matter how good you are with phone time, everyone can agree that getting distracted by your phone is fairly easy. Whenever I’m studying or even doing homework, I put my phone in another room. If it’s near me, I’ll take brain breaks way to often.

Set a timer:

If I’m writing a paper or working on a study guide, it helps to set a timer. Studying for hours on end for one singular class is less effective than studying effectively for less time. This way, you feel like you have completed something.

Have water:

Hydration is key. Keeping a water bottle on my desk helps me stay awake and ready to work. This may seem silly, but it truly helps.

Thank you for reading! Good luck on your midterms or anything you have due before the holidays. What you put in is what you get out!


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