Scattering Sunshine Into Winter

Hi readers! Here on the blog I’m back with another post featuring an item from Cabana Life’s collection. As you all know by now, I absolutely love Cabana Life’s products! Their products are such great quality and protect you from the sun. If you want to read about my previous reviews on Cabana Life, you can click here and here!

The pants that I’m wearing are the Bali Seas Lounge Pants in a size small. Online, they do not have an XS which I thought would be an issue, but the small fits perfectly. Another bonus of these pants are that they are waterproof, so they are perfect for the beach! For size reference, I’m about 5’6. Luckily, my dress code at school allows these type of pants so I get so much wear out of them. If you want to purchase pants like mine or anything from Cabana Life, I would love for you to use my code SunshineStateJulia20 for 20% off your entire purchase.



I hope you enjoyed today’s post and are introduced to Cabana Life. If you use my code, let me know so I can send you some stickers if you would like. Lastly, make sure to Cabana Life on Instagram for early access and information to flash sales!


Thank you to Cabana Life for sending me this item to promote. All opinions are my own and I don’t feature any products that I don’t truly love and believe in.



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