Which Waterbottles? 

It’s so easy to save the planet by doing the simplest things. One of these things is using reusable water bottles. This post is not supposed to be some sort of lecture discussing saving the environment, but I’m trying to bring some awareness to a problem that can easily be solved. Over the past few years, my family has (almost) completely stopped using plastic waterbottles. My sister and I bring reusable bottles to school each day and my parents bring reusable ones to the gym. In today’s post, I’ll be sharing my favorite water bottles that I use on the daily.



1. S’well Bottles

S’well Bottles are my favorite type of water bottle. The S’well bottles claim to keep water cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. They really do. I’ve put one of the bottles beside my bed with ice and water at 6:00 pm and the next morning at 8:00 am, the ice was still in the bottle. I have yet to try keeping hot liquids in my S’well bottle because I only use waterbottles for cold drinks. S’well Bottles come in three sizes. A nine ounce, seventeen ounce, and twenty five ounce. Unfortunately, these bottles are extremely expensive ranging from $25-$45. I have three that I share with my sister. The best size is the seventeen ounce because it holds the perfect amount and isn’t quite as large to hold as the twenty five.


Related image
2. Camelbak 

The Camelbak bottles are great as well. These are less expensive and you can find them in stores like Target. Camelbak bottles are insulated and great for school. They don’t keep the water quite as cold as the swell bottles, but still keep your water cold and do not leak. I love to put stickers on my Camelbak’s and customize them to my liking. These bottles are BPA free and are around $15.

Image result for camelbak water bottle

3. Que 

You probably have never heard of these. Que is the brand of water bottles I recently found out about from my friend. In class, I saw his water bottle and loved it. What makes these bottles unique is that they are collapsible. The outside is a rubbery material and the top is metal. The part that you drink from looks like any ordinary water bottle lid. They sell the Que bottles on Amazon for $20 with a wide range of selections.

Image result for que bottles

4. Polar Bottles

The Polar Bottles are water bottles that are sold almost everywhere. Our family usually buys them from TJ Maxx, Target, or Marshalls. These bottles are almost always on sale. The cap just screws on and it’s a pop up tap for the lid. These are great and keep the water cold.

Image result for polar bottles

That’s all for today! Thanks for reading!


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