Falling for Fall… and this dress!

In Florida, the weather is finally dropping and is staying cold. This means that it’s time to breakout the fall clothes. When the weather cools and pumpkin patches begin to appear, it puts be in a better mood. Is this just me? Although it’s colder, it doesn’t go below 65 degrees so I usually still wear dresses.

On Nordstrom, I found this dress and instantly fell in love! It’s the easiest dress to throw on and is flattering with booties or flats. The booties that I’m wearing are from a Stein Mart near me. They were on sale and under 50 dollars! I usually don’t love to wear heels because they tend to hurt my feet, but the wedges on these are thick enough where I’m able to wear them to school all day. The necklace that I paired with this outfit is from Francesa’s a few years ago. It’s not meant to be layered, but I wrap it once around because I love the look of layered necklaces.








Thank you for reading today’s blogpost! Be on the lookout for more fall posts soon. Remember to follow me on Instagram to answer my polls about what posts you want to see and to stay updated!


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