Julia’s Jumble #2

Hi readers! Today’s post is continuing my new series called Julia’s Jumble where I include more personal details of my life. You all really seemed to enjoy reading the inside scoop on my daily life and I’m excited to be writing another one. Enjoy the post!



The first few weeks of school are going surprisingly well and I’m adjusting to the new schedule. Luckily I haven’t walked into the wrong classroom yet. I’ve had some tests and quizzes and am figuring out the curriculum for this year. I’ve joined three clubs this year because I didn’t want to over schedule. This year I’m in Vegetarian Club, Clio Club (History), and SPARC Club (a service club).

Taylor Swift’s New Singles:

Taylor Swift’s new singles have come out and I’m not sure how I feel about them. Am I the only one who misses the old Taylor? Her song “Look What You Made Me Do” is very catchy, but eerie and creepy. I like her song “…Ready For It?” much more than the other. Honestly, I wasn’t blown away with either of her singles.


Homecoming was a blast! Spirit week was so much fun and so was the dance. My volleyball team played district matches during the week to conclude the season. For spirit week we had class color day, school spirit day, jersery day, decade day, and flock day! For flock day, my friends and I dressed up as different types of fruits and for decade day, we dressed up for 2017 with fidget spinners, adidas superstars, supreme hats, and denim!


During the month, I began volunteering with SPARC. We helped out at the Special Olympics bowling tournament and ran the lanes, cheered, and met new people. It was such a great time and really warms my heart.


That’s all for this edition of Julia’s Jumble. Happy Fall and I hope everything is going well. Thanks for reading!





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