Homecoming Week Recap

Happy Homecoming! To my readers that have already had homecoming, I hope you had a great time. Over the past week, my school had homecoming. This was my first time getting to dress up for spirit week. We had the themed days during the week, played all the great games one day, and had the football game and dance. Overall, I love homecoming and know it will one of my favorite parts of high school. In this post, I will go through my week discussing the activities and such.


Monday was college/sports team jersey or t-shirt day. This day was the least exciting of all the days because our bottoms still needed to be in dress code and it was only a shirt. I wore my University of Miami shirt because it’s adorable and GO UM! My friends and I didn’t take that many pictures so I only have one below. We had regular classes and I still went to volleyball practice.



The theme for Tuesday was flock day. Flock day means you go as a big group of something. About 15 of my friends and I dressed as all types of fruits! The seniors at our school went all out and did Christmas. They decorated the hallways and building with bows and pine trees, had Christmas songs blasting through the speakers, and were handing our candy canes during the day. Our flock was the best out of the freshman class. It was super easy to make my costume and inexpensive. That day, we played our first district volleyball match. We won in four sets!






Wednesday was decade day. For this day, my friends and I decided to do something a little different. Instead of the traditional 70s or 80s, some of us did 2017. It’s not a decade, but we still had fun making it. For that day, I wore an adidas shirt, superstars, and plaid skirt. To top off the basic look, I borrowed my friend’s Supreme hat, had fidget spinners, and also wore clout goggles. This day was so much fun and I just had volleyball practice at the end of the day.



Today was by far the best day of the week. It was class competition day. Basically you compete against the other grades and go all out wearing your class color. I wasn’t allowed to participate in any homecoming week sports/games because of district volleyball week, but it great getting to cheer on the Freshman Class!!! I got to coach the boys volleyball team and we lost to the Seniors who are insanely good and we beat the Juniors! After spending the day playing games, we had our second district match. We won pretty handily in three sets which was super exciting and moved to the finals of districts! Another bonus was that I got a small quote in the newspaper!



At school it was spirit day. It was just wear jeans and our school’s t-shirt. During the day, we had a pep rally which was okay. The day was pretty uneventful and regular. I also had practice that day and went to take photos for the Homecoming Football Game that night. The football team lost the game but it was still fun.



This was the day of the homecoming dance. That morning, we had the district finals. We ended up loosing which stinks, but we are still moving onto regionals. I had to rush home and shower and get my things together and go to my friends house to get ready. We only had around two hours which was pretty crazy, but the dance was so much fun.





Thanks for reading today’s blogpost and I hope you had a great homecoming!


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