Six Easy Ways to Improve at Volleyball

Hey readers! As many of you many know, I play club volleyball and love the sport. It’s one of my biggest passions along with blogging. While I was helping out at a volleyball camp for young kids, I would say the things below frequently to help them improve. I put together today’s blogpost for my readers or anyone that wants to improve their volleyball skills. These tips don’t require extensive knowledge about the game. The tips are simple things that I continue reminding myself of when I’m having an off day or in practice.  Below the list, I will go into detail with each tip!


Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 9.30.22 PM.png


1. Hold for two seconds after passing

This is so important to have more ball control. If you are playing on a higher level team and the ball is coming faster, then you must hold your platform for two seconds so the ball will go where you want it to. If you find yourself swinging your arms when playing volleyball, this tip is for you. If it helps, count out loud and say “One, Two!” when passing. In Libero training (the position I play which is passing), we do this all the time. Although this may seem extremely basic, this makes a very large difference.


2. Finish forward when you pass the ball

In other words, get your butt behind the ball and keep the ball in a line with your belly button. If you finish forward, you gain control and direction. Once you begin to learn how to track balls on serve receive, it will become easier. You also want to make sure that you are low and your chest is facing the ground when you pass the ball. As we say to the little kids “Letters to the ground!” Make sure that your passing platform is away from your body so that you can finish forward.


3. Call the ball

This tip takes no volleyball skill. All it involves is opening your mouth and making the game a whole lot easier on your teammates. Before you pass the ball, call “Mine!” so that your teammates know that you will taking the ball and handling it. This will be my fifth year of playing club volleyball and I’ve had many experiences with miscommunications. This tip is such a simple way to solve them.


4. Finish with a flat “high-five” when serving 

The hardest type of serve to pass is a float serve. If you have a flat finish, then your ball will float. When serving, you don’t want to swing through the ball like a tennis serve, you just want to be controlled and have a flat finish. The lower your “high-five” is to the tape of the net, the harder your serve will be. For beginners, I suggest finishing higher until your serve becomes consistent.


5. Wait until the ball is at it’s highest peak before taking your hitting approach

If you are a outside or right side hitter, than this tip is for you. Most beginning hitters either begin taking their hitting approach way too early or they go way to late. Once you track the set, you should wait until you see the ball at the highest point because then you will contact the ball on the way down which is excatly when you want to hit it.


6. Use your legs to push the ball when setting

If you’re interested in setting, this tip is for you. The ball will have more control and direction if you use your legs. The set will be much cleaner and won’t be a double if you follow this rule.


Thanks for reading today’s post and I hope you improve and keep these tips in the back of your mind when playing!

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