What to do When You’re Sick


Hi readers! Now that school has begun, the stress has started to rise and you are probably not getting nearly as much sleep as you should. I know this from personal experience. Although I plan my time and schedule fairly well, it sometimes is difficult to stay on top of things. Occasionally I get sick during the school year and it’s hard to recover. Luckily on the weekends, I potentially have some time to recover. For this post, I will be sharing my tips and tricks to getting yourself healthy sooner and what to do when you’re sick to be productive.


No. 1 : Give Yourself A Facial

Whenever I’m sick, I feel gross and exhausted. Instead of continuing to feel that way, I give myself a mini “facial.” The products that I use were from an Origins set that I bought last year during Black Friday. I believe that they still sell it as a pack, but definitely sell them separately.  I spray the mask primer on my face first which essentially is water, and then put on the overnight mask which is more of a moisturizer. It smells like grapefruit and oranges mixed together! This will always give me a boost and clear my sinuses.


No. 2 : Plan Your Week

This tip is for you if you like to stay productive even when you’re unhealthy. I use my Blue Sky Planner all the time and every day. When I’m sick, I like to plan out my week or month in advance. Look at your schedule and see if you have any sports games or events that you need to attend and write them in the monthly calendar.


No. 3 : Take A Steam Shower

Taking a steam shower with essential oils always helps clear my sinuses and makes my breathing easier. It’s a nice time to relax and feel the hot water on your face.


No. 4 : Drink Tea

Drinking tea is pretty self explanatory. When I’m sick, I try to drink at least two cups of tea a day. Drinking fluids when you’re sick is crucial for getting better and it tends to make your throat feel less rough.


No. 5 : Read / Make Lists

Whenever I’m sick, I feel so unproductive. To be somewhat productive, I will sometimes read or make random lists. These lists could range from to-do lists, goals, or planning an event.


Thanks for reading and I hope this gives you some inspiration for when you aren’t feeling great!


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