French Beauty Products


If you have been keeping up with my blogposts and Instagram, you probably would know that I traveled to France and Spain this summer. I had a blast on my vacation with my family and the time flew by so fast. In the United States, a lot of natural beauty products cost so much money. In France, the products are much cheaper and you can find them at pharmacies everywhere. One day in Paris, my mom and I looked in a pharmacy for about an hour reading about different products online and the cost of them on Amazon to compare and contrast. By purchasing the sunscreen, skin care, and hair care in France, we saved so much money and our skin because most is very natural.

Today’s post will just consist of photos of the products and their names. If anyone would like me to do a review on some of the products, I would love to make another post! Let me know through the comments or Instagram Direct Message!

Klorane Dry Shampoo:



Bioderma Cleansing Water:



NUXE Cleansing Milk Wash:



Avene Cleansing Gel:



La Roche-Posay BB Creme:



NUXE After Sun Body & Hair Shampoo:



Phyto Paris Straightening Balm:


Thanks for reading! I’m excited to test these products and see what I like. I will be sure to include them in blogposts.


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