Exploring Hyde Park Village

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Today’s post will be a day in my life where I explored Hyde Park Village in Tampa with my friends. I had never been to Hyde Park before and was beyond thrilled to go because of what we had planned. All of us were supposed to do things the day before, but I extremely sick and didn’t end up leaving the house. Luckily, I felt a little better and wanted to make the most out of one of the least busy weekends I’ll have for a while.

To begin our journey through Hyde Park, we started at Oxford Exchange which is in more of Downtown Tampa. I had never been to Oxford Exchange before and I’m so happy that I was able to go. My friends Kelly and Kendall had raved to me about how delicious the food was and how gorgeous the inside of the building was. Let’s just say that I instantly fell in love with the place. The outside of the building doesn’t look like much because it’s just painted white. Once you step inside is a different story. You enter into a room that is half of a bookstore and a eyeglass shop carrying Warby Parker glasses and other trendy brands. The floors have the coolest tiles and there’s white marble everywhere! One you continue through the building, you pass a Buddy Brew Coffee Station and a Tea Belle Teahouse Station. If you have been following my blog for a while, you might remember that I wrote a post about their tea and coffee at another one of their locations. You can read that here. Once you pass through that room, there’s another store holding adorable coffee table books, candles, and cool knick-knaks.






We then sat down at the table and were seated in the large room. The room had bright windows and white marbled tables. The staff and waiters were so kind and sat us early even though our reservation wasn’t for another 20 minutes. As soon as I picked up the menu, there were so many options to choose from that sounded delicious. To start, we tried the fried avocado wedges which were delicious and not greasy. For my meal, I ordered an eggs benedict and it came with amazing potato wedges. Ugh, just thinking about it makes my mouth water. My friends ordered a pesto flatbread and some yummy cinnamon French Toast. Anything that you order at Oxford Exchange is bound to taste incredible. To go with my filling brunch, I ordered an iced vanilla latte. Once we finished up the amazing food, we decided to go and explore Hyde Park while we were in the area.



To begin our exploration of Hyde Park, we walked into Vineyard Vines. Originally all of us were going to go and just get Vineyard Vines whale stickers but as soon as we entered into the store, we all found things that we liked. My friend Kendall purchased a shirt that was on sale and I purchased a printed canvas backpack. First off, it was on major sale. It’s also super cute and roomy and I’m excited that I purchased it. The people inside Vineyard Vines were super kind and gave us some stickers with our purchases. Once we continued walking, we went into Sprinkles Cupcakes to taste the cupcakes. Kelly had never had a Sprinkles cupcake before so we wanted her to try it! Turns out that she didn’t actually like it, but got ice cream instead. Inside of Sprinkles was so bright and colorful. Once we ate our cupcakes, we walked a little more and then decided to head home because we had school the next day and homework to finish.







Thank you for reading today’s blogpost and I hope you follow my blog!



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