What I Eat in a Day

Hello readers! On my Instagram {@sunshinestatejulia }, I sent out a “poll” of two choices to find out which blogpost you all would want to read. To my surprise, every single person that voted chose to read What I Eat in a Day. I’ve previously done food related posts with going vegetarian, thanksgiving treats, and other posts related to those. I obviously do not eat the same thing every day, but my food choices are in the same groups depending on the meals. I definitely want to put this out there. I am not a picky eater at all. I will eat anything from Indian food, Thai food, Moroccon food, to any type of vegetable. I love being able to try all the new flavors that the world has to offer. Let’s begin the post!


For breakfast, I always need fruit. Whether it be in an acai bowl, smoothie, or fresh fruit, I always start my day with fruit. To supplement that, I usually eat a bowl of oatmeal. On top of the oatmeal I put a few chocolate chips, some brown sugar, and occasionally some blueberries. Another one of my favorite breakfasts are acai bowls. If I am making an acai bowl, I won’t make anything else because they are extremely filling. In the mornings, I will also make myself an iced coffee or latte in a cute mason jar. Mason jars are great for iced coffees because they are smaller amounts and look adorable!


Lunch isn’t my favorite meal of the day and I don’t enjoy making it. I will mostly eat my favorite broccoli-kale salad. This is delicious as well as healthy and refreshing. If I’m not eating a salad, I like grilled chicken in wraps or with vegetables.


This depends on the day. Some nights, I’ll be at home with my family eating a delicious dinner that my mom makes. We will have anything from Indian food to steak! When I’m out with my friends, it could be pizza, pasta, or a mixed bowl.

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