Bangles with Bee Jeweled Boutique

Hi readers! Today to the blog I am bringing you a collaboration with Bee Jeweled Boutique. Bee Jeweled Boutique is an Etsy shop that sells jewelry.  All of their bangles are completely customizable and handmade. Bee Jeweled Boutique was kind enough to send me their personalized aluminum cuff. The bangle arrived in an adorable package within two days!

On my mantra band, I was able to choose any saying or quote that would fit. I chose the following “Choose Happiness”. I loved how simple this saying was and is a nice reminder to have. Bee Jeweled Boutique’s bangles are so simplistic and can be worn with any outfit for any occasion. I have been wearing my bangle non-stop to school and on the weekends. The nice thing about these mantra bands is that they have different sizes you can order and they bend in case it is a little loose or snug.



IMG_5293 (1).jpg

Thank you Bee Jeweled Boutique for sending me the personalized cuff! Their Instagram is @beejeweledboutique and the link in their bio is their Easy shop. Happy Shopping and stayed tuned for more blogposts!


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