Back to School Supplies

Hi readers! I sent out a question on my Instagram Story asking which blogpost you wanted to see. One of the most requested was a Back to School Supplies Haul here on the blog! I actually do like school and find it fun. Obviously I don’t enjoy it all the time because it’s hard to keep up with volleyball, blogging, and having a social life. School supplies make it easier to enjoy school. This year my mom and I went to Staples and various other stores to purchase some supplies. Now that I’m entering high school, they do not give you a list of supplies that you need. This makes it difficult and easier at the same time. I found so many cute things in Staples from binders to agendas! I went with a theme this year which is gold, black, white, light pink, and light blue. I’m not sure what I will be using and returning, so I will have to see once the school year kicks in.


Staples had the cutest supply of notebooks. I loved the color scheme of the ones I picked out. I was going to go with a “preppy” (navy, pink, and white) school supply theme, but all of those looked too young. I just got four because I figured that I wouldn’t need one for every class.

IMG_5232 (1).jpg



I’ve heard that people enjoy using folders and notebooks for high school, so we bought two folders in case I want to use these. They both have gold accents and are different colors. You can’t really tell in the photo, but the folder on the left is a blush pink.




Most highschoolers don’t use binders, but I think that they are way more organized. I bought two fun colors and three regular black and white that I can either decorate or keep plain. I’m still not sure what I’ll be using, so I just bought one for each class. Honestly, I will probably end up returning half of these supplies.





These pens were on sale and I use colored pens all the time to take notes. For pencils and other assorted writing tools, I have them at my house.




Lastly, my favorite thing out of the school supplies is the agenda. This agenda is carried at Staples. It goes from June 2017 to June 2018. This planner is so essential for school and is adorable. It is very basic on the inside which I prefer. Though I love my Lilly Pulitzer Agenda, I did not want to pay $35 for one.




Thanks for reading this post and I hope you have a great time at school this year!


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