North Carolina – OBX Travel Diary

Almost every year, my family and other families all drive to a house we all stay in together for a college reunion. A lot of my dad’s fraternity friends married many of my mom’s soriority sisters and they all had kids around the same time, so each summer we meet up for a week together. This year, we traveled to Duck, North Carolina to visit the Outerbanks. The house was right on the beach and had plenty of rooms. It had a pool room, movie room, and two rooms with bunk beds for the little kids and big kids. We had such a great time on this trip from shopping, boogie boarding, swimming, going to a waterpark, and doing a rope’s course! While I was on this vacation, I didn’t post on my Instagram because I wanted to relax. It’s always so sad to leave my friends who are basically my family. I can’t wait for next year and enjoy the photos!










Thanks for reading and I hoped you enjoyed the photos!

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