Back to School: Agendas Edition 2017

Hi readers! Following with the back to school trend, this post is featuring my favorite picks for agendas. In the previous years I’ve used a Day Designer by Target and a Lilly Pulitzer agenda. I loved my Day Designer for Target, but unfortunately it broke very easily. I’d have to say that the Lilly Pulitzer agendas are worth the splurge because of their great quality. Here’s six of my favorite agendas for the school year! As always, I will link everything below if you want to purchase one of them.

Lilly Pulitzer Multi Flamenco Beach: $30

I Am Very Busy $20

Green Marble $28 (it’s on sale for 10 dollars on Amazon-  just click the link to shop!)

Kate Spade Black Stripes: $36

Vera Bradley Falling Flowers Neutral: $28

Lilly Pulitzer Beach Loot Medium: $24

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