French Pyrenees & Hiking

French Pyrenees: Hi readers! Hopefully you’ve been enjoying my travel posts and if you missed my two Barcelona posts, you can read them here and here! My family and I stayed in a very very small French village called Gèdre. To give you a size comparison, it had three restaurant and a mini mart for a grocery store! It was so quaint and adorable. We stayed there because it’s in the middle of most of the hikes/trails we wanted to hike. For this post, I’ll be blogging differently. Instead of doing day by day, I’ll be setting it up in two sections; food and trails. This way it’s not as hard for me to remember day by day!


Lac DeGaube:

This was actually the second day because on day one, it was freezing and pouring all day. On day one, we drove to the closest town to get some groceries and explore. This hike was only about 3 1/2 hours long, but was so gorgeous! We packed some snacks to eat for lunch and ate it along the lake. This lake reminded me so much of Lake Louise from Canada last summer! Once we had hiked to the top and started to make out way down, we saw the chairlift and got very jealous!!! The hike was great for the first day to ease into the big hikes ahead.


Cirq de Gavarnie/Plateau Belview/ Casacade de Gavernie:

This hike was one of the hardest I’ve ever been on. The funny part is, it’s not supposed to be extremely hard, but my family combined three hikes into one with a two mile walk back to a town. Only us! To start, we hiked the Cirq de Gavarnie which was a pretty, semi-enclosed hike with mountains around the trail. After we hiked about 2 1/2 hours to that, we accidentally continued going to the Plateau where we are our packed lunch. We ended up eating on a cow pasture with many flies. It was gorgeous, but gross. For lunch, we had gone to a French market to collect some meats and cheeses. In the small town we stayed in and the small villages around, barely anyone spoke English and occasionally someone would speak a little. I was proud of us for ordering and stuff! After lunch, we just kept hiking and hiking to finish the Plateau hike, but it ended up connecting to a rest stop where we bought more water. After sitting to drink some water and eat ice cream, we decided to hike to the top of a waterfall. This wasn’t your average North Carolina waterfall. This was huge, spraying water, extreme wind, and slippery gravel which was difficult to put our hiking poles in. This hike took around 1 1/2 to get to the top. It was so crazy how strong the water and wind were!!!







Cirq de Tromouse / Canyoning:

Today our family would be canyoning in the afternoon. Since we didn’t have any morning plans and this hike was easy and close, we hiked Cirq de Tromouse. This was just a scenic, pretty hike that was fairly flat. We picnicked at another lake and there were so many large rocks that Kate and I ran behind. Once we finished the hike, we went canyoneering. It was so much fun!! My mom thought it would a “light afternoon activity” but boy was she wrong. I like to think that I’m very fit, but some of this was so difficult!!



Cirq de Estauve:

This hike was also gorgeous and fun to of for our last hike in Gedre. This hike wasn’t extremely difficult, but we saw so much wildlife and animals! We brought a picnic along and ate it along a river which was quiet and beautiful. The hike was also filled with marmots. Marmots are adorable, squirrel like creatures that move along the rocks in the mountains. We must have seen twelve in total over the course of that day! I was not able to get a photo of them because they are pretty far away.





Overall, the food we had was phenomenal. I’m not going to go into depth about each restaurants/dishes, but as a whole, my family and I really enjoyed the food. The photos below are from my favorite dishes!





Thanks for reading!

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