How I Built This

NPR released a new line of podcasts a few months ago called “How I Built This” interviewing and sharing the success stories of entrepreneurs. In these podcasts, the highs, lows, and even failures are brought up in each story of the billion dollar businesses. I’ve been listening to these podcasts in the car and been really inspired by what each entrepreneur had done to reach their goals for the company. So far I’ve listened to the ones about Kendra Scott, TOMS, Kate Spade, Patagonia, and Instagram. I highly suggest listening to all of these and the others.

There are so many “behind the scenes” things that happen to these entrepreneurs along their journey of building their buisness. For instance, I bet you didn’t know that Kendra Scott had a company called the Hat Box that failed. All of these people created something because they were truly passionate and willing to go for it. The most inspiring podcast to me was Kendra Scott. She became a single mother very young, had failed her first buisness, and is a woman. I won’t spoil the whole podcast because I HIGHLY suggest you listen to it. If you want to hear these podcasts, go to the Podcasts app on the IPhone and search up “NPR How I Built This”. From there, you are able to listen to them all and even download them for flights.

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