Barcelona Days 4-7

I’m back again with more travel posts! Here’s days four through seven of our Barcelona journey. If you missed the previous blogpost discussing days one through three, then click here to read! 

Day Four:

Today began with an early wake up. For some reason, I was extremely tired today and just felt lazy/gross. Everyone has those days where they don’t feel like getting dressed, doing their hair and makeup, or getting out of bed. We were headed to Gerona for the day which a small town about a 40 minute train ride from Barcelona. Before we headed to the train station, we stopped to get breakfast at a local shop and they made the best crossiants and lattes. I’m not sure if I have already said this, but the Spanish do not eat large breakfasts, but usually eat a sandwich around eleven. The train station was actually quite nice and clean, so it made it very easy to board our train. Forty minutes later we arrived in Gerona. Gerona reminds me of Rome because of all the winding, small alleyways. There were many old buildings and houses that were rainbow along the river. The river was kind of disgusting and my family thought, “This doesn’t look like the photo?”, but then I brought up the saturation completely and it looked identical to the one online.

I loved crossing through the tiny streets and looking at all the shops and such. While we were there, we also visited the Jewish History Museum. It was very easy to follow and was interesting. You’re probably wondering why there was a Jewish Museum in Gerona. Gerona has one of the best preserved Jewish quarters in the world and thus museum explains what happened in their past. The museum has this gorgeous courtyard up on the second floor which had beautiful flowers and plants. Funny story; my family and I found this adorable place for lunch that looked delicious, but no one was there except the chefs and his waiters eating. My mom asked “Qué hora abierto?”, and the man replied “Doce y media”, meaning 12:30. My mom thought that he had said 2:30 instead, so we waited two and a half hours to eat there only to come back and find out that it had been open all along. It was pretty funny. To pass the time, we visited two gorgeous cathedrals which were extremely big. We ate salads, beef which wasn’t the best, and some fresh fruit for dessert. The restaurant was okay in our opinion. We then speed walked to the train station to catch the 5:30 train back to Barcelona.

Day Five:

Chocolate churros for breakfast. In Spain, churros dipped in chocolate are very popular, so my family decided to try some. We went to this cute hole-in-the-wall shop where the owner was making them right in front of you! Of course, the churros and chocolate were delicious. The chocolate was so rich and thick and the churros were not greasy. Unfortunately for me, we hadn’t eaten breakfast before eating the churros. For some weird reason, I get heart burn if I eat chocolate before eating any foods. Weird right? I totally forgot about this and ate two churros and it began. Luckily the rest of my family loved them and didn’t end up with a horrible heartburn and stomach ache. After we ate our breakfast, we headed to the Barcelona Cathedral. This cathedral is similar to others, but the outdoor courtyard was gorgeous. In the courtyard, there are 13 geese. Each one represents the amount of years that Saint Eulalia lived. After the cathedral, we walked around Las Ramblas looking for the things that we needed to find in Kate’s Mission Barcelona book. The book basically has you find things around Barcelona, museums, or important sites. At the end, you count up the total amount of points that you gathered. After doing that for an hour or so, we went to another market. This market was so incredible! It had so many fresh squeezed juices and fresh prepared foods. My family and I walked around just grabbing things that looked good and shared them all. My favorite thing at the market was the strawberry pineapple juice that I had. The juices were just so fresh and felt really cleansing. I saw a juice and it was bright pink so naturally I had to try it! The juice was a coconut and passion fruit which isn’t my favorite, but it sure was pretty! In the market, my family and I saw some really, really weird foods. We saw some live snails, emu eggs, and a headless, skinned, dead goat. I didn’t put the scary picture of the goat on the blog because I want my viewers to come back!   I’m only a little bit scarred. To follow up the light lunch, we walked around completing more of the Mission Barcelona book. Somehow we ended up at the marina and just walked around. After a while, we began to grow tired and walked back to the apartment while stopping to see some of Gaudí  buildings. We rested at our apartment and freshened up for dinner. For dinner we went to a tapas restaurant and ordered so many different things from a spinach and zucchini quiche to a mini hamburger and hot dog. My dad got the weirdest things. He decided to try grilled sardines and cuttlefish. I tasted the cuttlefish and it tasted like rubber. Dinner was amazing and our night was extremely fun.


Day Six:

Today was completely different then the rest. We woke up around 9:00 to go bike down to the marina and beach. We ate breakfast at the apartment which consisted of yogurt and fruit. After breakfast, our family got a taxi and drove close to the marina, Boardwalk, and bike rental shop. We entered the bike rental shop and the people were extremely nice and gave us our bikes. The only problem was that my sister is in between the age of an adult bike and a kids bike. They only had a very very small bike where the handle bars couldn’t be raised and the seat barely was raised. Kate was a trooper and still rode it! We took our beach cruisers and biked the whole length of the beach and then came back which was about eight miles. We also biked to our lunch which was on the length of the beach. It was the cutest little surf restaurant which had brunch, burgers, acai bowls, smoothies, etc. My family sat outside and had an amazing meal. We hadn’t eaten a very large breakfast and hadn’t eaten in seven hours, so Kate and I ordered an acai bowl for our lunch “appetizer”. It was one of the best I’ve ever had! For lunch, I had an amazing spicy chicken burger with arugula and tomatoes. My sister had pancakes, my mom had pulled pork tacos, and my dad had a great burger. Overall it was a fantastic meal. Shortly after the meal, we rode and returned the bikes. We then walked home (quite far) and stopped in several shops just window shopping and looking around at buildings. For a few hours we relaxed at the apartment and got ready for dinner. Dinner was delicious at a small restaurant. We ate pinchos which are small tapas style things on bread. To follow up, we ate incredible gelato which was just as good as the ones in Rome.

Day Seven:

Today was the last day in Barcelona. We woke up really early to go to a small tour with a few other people to visit one of the Gaudí houses. We got to go to the site before the museum even opened up. Our tour guide was very informational and friendly. We got to walk up to the roof of the house and look at all these amazing statues made by Gaudí. When the tour ended, a latte was included with our tour, so my family and I sat outside drinking our coffees. We hadn’t had breakfast yet, so we walk to another churro place that was highly recommended. It was the delicious even though I only had two because of what happened to me last time. By this time it was around 11:30, so we walked back to our apartment to pack up and shower. Almost decided to change clothes because the temperature has increased a lot. For lunch, we ate at 1:00. We ate at a Lebonese/Mediterranean restaurant. It was so delicious. The place was another small, hole-in-the-wall restaurant with a small kitchen and staff. The food was some of the best food I’ve had in my entire life. We ordered hummus, this spicy tomato thing, a cucumber, mint dipping slaw, a savory sweet potato, bacon wrapped figs, roasted potatoes with a special sauce, and a cheese of some sort with another sauce in top! It was all incredible. The flavors were just so refreshing and different. After our lunch/dinner, we walked around looking at different shops and ended up purchasing a Billabong shirt for my dad because he didn’t have that many t-shirts to wear. After walking around for two hours or so, we stopped at this ice cream shop to get a treat. OH MY GOSH. This was AMAZING. The place was called Holly’s Ice Cream. They baked fresh cookies every day there and you choose two to have outside the ice cream of your choice. I choose a double chocolate and a chocolate chip cookie with dark chocolate ice cream between. It was so amazing. That’s a wrap for Barcelona!

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