Barcelona – Days 1-3

Hi from Barcelona! The trip for summer 2017 has some exciting stops and locations which I will be trying my best to blog as a few days go by. Usually I blog on my travel blog {jetsetjulia}, but I am figuring out a way to take those posts and put them on here! Currently I’m sitting in our apartment and resting my feet from the extreme amount of walking we have done. Hopefully you enjoy these travel blogposts/recaps that I’ll be writing over the next few weeks!

On Wednesday, June 22nd, my family and I flew to Gatwick (London) on a non-stop, nine hour flight. It wasn’t my first overnight fligh to Europe, but I never really enjoy them. Unfortunately, I have a really hard time sleeping on flights, so I did not get sleep. Also, the man in front of me reclined his seat completely back and he was practically on top of me! I was very crammed, but hey, it was only around nine hours. We then took a two hour flight to Barcelona and our flight was delayed. We arrived at the airport later on at night, around 9:00 pm, but then our driver didn’t show up! Frantically searching around the airport, we couldn’t find the guy! We then hopped in cab hoping there would be someone at the apartment and luckily we found a number that would help us. Overall, our apartment is nice. Most importantly, clean.

Day One:

On day one, we woke up around nine o’clock. We didn’t have any food at the apartment, so we headed to a small bakery and bought some croissants and my parents got lattes. We ate our breakfast on the go because we had tickets for the Picasso Museum at 10:00. Once we arrived at the Picasso Museum, we headed inside to the exhibits to see some of his paintings. It’s so incredible that he could paint the way he could at age 15. Seriously, so talented! While we were in the museum, I spotted Sal from Impractical Jokers. Impractical Jokers is a show on Tru TV that shows four best friends doing dumb stuff. While I was at the museum, I thought that it might just be someone who looks like him, but my sister searched up online his sister, and it looked exactly like the person he was with. It’s still cool that I saw him! At the museum we did an audio tour and stayed there for around an hour and a half. For lunch, we went to the San Katerina Market, which had fruits, veggies, meats, and fish. In the back of the market was a small restaurant with tons of tapas to choose from. They were so delicious and we were so hungry! I ordered a pressed orange and carrot juice to try something new, and actually loved it! We were quite a ways away from our apartment, so we took the scenic route just exploring around. We stopped in a pretty church with gorgeous stained glass and sculptures. By this time, we wanted something sweet so we stopped at a rolled ice cream place! I’d never been to one before and the experience was amazing. We had a long walk home and got showered/dressed for the Flamenco Dance Show. The show was in a gorgeous theater with tons of stained glass. The show was interesting for about three songs, but after an hour and a half, the lady began to shout into the microphone! That was what day one consisted.

Day Two:

The following day, we all were so exhausted from jet lag and just tired in general. We accidentally slept until 1:00 pm! That’s the latest I’ve ever slept before. Following the late wake up came a lazy, slow morning/afternoon. We ate some yummy yogurt that we had bought at the grocery store the day before along with some fresh fruit. We didn’t have that many hours before our food tour, so we just walked all around Barcelona in hopes to go to a park. The park was a major let down and was just a small space with a gross lake and some grass. It was worth it because we walked through the city and discovered our favorite place, Costa Coffee. Costa Coffee is in the United States (we think), but it isn’t as common. The coffee is just so smooth! In need of an afternoon snack after eating a light breakfast and no lunch, we drank iced vanilla lattes and split shortbread cookies. We then walked back to our apartment with only about forty five minutes until our food tour. The food tour was amazing! We tried different tapas and walked to different locations while learning about each area. I’m not a picky eater, but I didn’t love most of the foods on the tour. I enjoyed trying them, but not the flavors. Most of them involved sardines, anchovies, blood sausages, or very salty foods. The tour was fairly small with us and one other group of four who were extremely nice and fun to be with. Kate and I also tried lemon Fanta which tastes like sparkling lemonade. After walking around some of the local neighborhoods after the tour, we went to get dessert. We came upon a small shop that sold macaroons with GELATO inside. Yes, a macaroon gelato sandwich. Needless to say, I loved it. The flavor I chose was Oreo and my dad chose Twix. So delicious!

Day Three:

On day three, we didn’t wake up nearly as early. So far, this has been my favorite day. We woke up and started the day with some fresh fruit and orange juice. Today was the day that we went to La Sagrada Familia which is the enormous church designed by Gaudí. On the walk, I saw a tour bus called Julia so I naturally had to take a photo. This cathedral is massive. It actually isn’t even finished. The designers are trying to finish it by 2026, which will be the centennial of Gaudí’s death. This cathedral has been worked on for over one hundred years and has eighteen towers. My family and I got to go up in one of the ginormous towers and take a look from above the city. The view was incredible and we could see for miles. Some of his most famous sculptures were visible from the tower. I actually studied Antonió Gaudí in art class last semester and knew some background information which made my whole experience even better. After listening to an audio guide and roaming around the cathedral looking at everything, we walked around for a while deciding where to go to lunch. We ended up at a small, hole-in-the-wall restaurant which had great reviews on yelp. Our appetizers, tomato bread and caprese salad were delicious, but the lasagna and sandwiches were not. It wasn’t so horrible that you couldn’t eat it, but it wasn’t good. In our Rick Steve city tour book, it suggested going to a used to be hospital and now a museum of the Barcelona hospital. It was pretty interesting, but once we headed outside, I was so excited. There was a beautiful courtyard. In this giant courtyard held gorgeous flowers, plants, and walkways which led to lots of photos! There were also many people setting up a Fashion Showcase for new trends and companies. There were cute seats on a pannel, a trendy bar, and different stages. We had yet again, a long walk back to our apartment, so we began to walk home which was fun. On the way, we looked for a Costa Coffee and found one! I ordered the same iced vanilla latte again because it was so tasty. My little sister and I also split a chocolate muffin which was delicious. We sat there for about forty five minutes just giggling and relaxing our feet. Afterwards we came to the apartment, showered, read, watched TV, and made dinner. Hope you enjoyed this post!


2 thoughts on “Barcelona – Days 1-3

  1. thepreppyjillian says:

    aww julia! this is literally the cutest thing ever! I love this post and I cannot wait to see more of your travels! The plane flight part was hilarious lol. I hope you are having a great time in Barcelona (I’ve always wanted to go there considering I haven’t been to Spain at all, yet I lived overseas for half of my life and traveled all the time lol) I love seeing all of your pictures! Enjoy your fabulous trip!😘❤️


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