How To Get Free Preppy Stickers

Recently on Instagram I sent out a poll asking what blogposts everyone wanted to see.  To my surprise, the majority of the requests were how to get stickers for free.  First off is a little disclaimer, I’m no pro at this and I don’t have a large amount of stickers, but I do love collecting them.  I started collecting stickers last year and have about 100 stickers that I haven’t used.  I probably would have around 20 more if I hadn’t done giveaways or put them on binders/waterbottles.  Let’s begin!

To start off, there are four different ways that I use to get free stickers. That’s right, four! (You can also buy some stickers if you like, but this post is meant for receiving them for free.) Any of these methods usually work and some are easier than others. Continue reading to find out which brands use which methods to get your free stickers.

1. Filling Out Sticker Request Forms

The first way are sticker request forms. These are by far the easiest, but many companies do not have these forms. The following companies have sticker request forms and their stickers are in the photos below. Click the links to fill them out! When you are receiving free stickers from a company, allow anywhere from two weeks to six weeks. They usually are high demand and take a long time to arrive in the mail.


2. Emailing Companies

Emailing companies sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t work. I haven’t had the best experience emailing companies for stickers, but I’ve only done it a few times. It is always worth a shot though! Before you email a company’s customer service, check to see if they have a free sticker email. If not email customer service with something like this…

Hi! My name is ______ and I love (insert company) and was wondering if you would mind sending me some free stickers to put on my laptop, waterbottles, and car. If you are able to, would you please mail them to the address below. Thank you for your time!




SASE stands for self addressed stamped envelope. This actually costs a stamp, which is still a whole lot cheaper then buying stickers. To send one of these, you send a company an envelope with another pre-addressed, stamped envelope inside. That way the company can open up the envelope and use the other envelope to send you stickers in! I’ve only done this once with Vineyard Vines, but I was so happy with the stickers.




4. Just Asking!

The last and probably one of the easiest ways to receive stickers is to ask. When you are at a store, restaurant (not a super fancy one), or some place, just ask politely if they have stickers and indicate that you would like one. Stores and places are usually willing to give you a sticker because they want their company promoted! I’ve gotten quite a few by doing this. Below I’ll list some places that I’ve received stickers!

  • Boater’s Republic
  • The Rainbow Bagel Store in Brooklyn, NY
  • My School
  • EVOS
  • Trader Joes
  • Ron Jon Surf Shop
  • NPR
  • Menchies




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