May Beauty Favorites

Today’s post I’ll share my beauty favorites for May. I’ve waited to do this post so I could choose which products are my favorites and have opinions that I’ve thought about. Hopefully you enjoy today’s post!

1. This first product is the Origin’s charcoal face mask. It is such a great product and I feel so refreshed once I use it. The mask is not a peel off mask, but still works extremely well. If you want to buy this, wait until Black Friday because Origins usually has 50% off their masks!


2. Secondly, I’ve been loving this Lancôme facial moisturizer for the morning. I received this in a set and have loved it. I don’t react to that many moisturizers, but I’ve found I like this one the best. It also doesn’t have an overwhelming smell. Another bonus to this cream is that it has SPF 30 so my face won’t get burned.

IMG_4743 (1).jpg

3. Personally, I struggle with hair care. My hair is poofy, wavy, and tangly. If you want to see my hair care routine from a few months ago, click here! Anyways, I’ve changed up my shampoo and conditioner to the Maui Moisture Organics. It smells like vanilla bean and is inexpensive. 

IMG_4746 (1).jpg

4. Makeup is always such a struggle to get off. I constantly feel like I’m not getting everything off. When I use the Neutrogena cleansing towels, I get everything off. These things are miracle workers. 


5. Lastly would be the bliss clog dissolving milk facial wash. I’ve used the brand bliss for quite a while, but recently began using this face wash. I can say that I have been happy with every product I’ve used from bliss and highly recommend that you check out the facial washes! 

Thank you all for reading! Hopefully you all enjoyed this post and make sure to follow my Instagram @sunshinestatejulia to see my daily life, outfit posts, and giveaways. 

xx, Julia

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