Day In My Life: Disney Edition

This weekend, my grandpa, my little sister and I went to Disney for the day on Saturday. I asked on my Instagram which blogpost you would prefer, and this one was highly requested! I hope you all enjoy the photos and such from this post because I put a lot of hard work into it by carrying around my camera the whole day!


To start off the day, we left our house to drive to Disney at around 7:45 to go to the hotel and Magic Kingdom. We stayed at my favorite hotel, the Grand Floridian. We only were at Disney for one night and one day, but we still had a great time. While we were at the hotel my sister and I looked for hidden Mickey’s and found some. It was really hard to take pictures of them, so I didn’t take any. In the lobby of the hotel, the Easter display was still up and it was actually really pretty. On the pathway, Kate found this really pretty fountain with bright pink flowers, so we stopped for a photo. My sister’s outfit was SO CUTE. She wore her pirate Minnie ears with her monogrammed Minnie shirt and her Minnie Mouse tutu.






When we got into the hotel, we just checked into our room and then went to the monorail station. Instead of getting your bags checked at the park, Disney now does it at the monorail stations! It saved time and was way more efficient then before. As soon as we got to Disney, we bought a small popcorn to share because we were all pretty hungry. We had ate a small breakfast earlier but it was already 10:45. Our first fast pass was in an hour, so we time to burn. I brought along some Tsum Tsums to take pictures with. I took a picture of the Cinderella one in front of the castle, but it didn’t turn out great. But first, let me explain something. The park was so crowded. Apparently there is this day called “Dapper Day” where people dress up in vintage style and Disney hosts them at the park. We did not know this until we arrived, so the lines were very long. Luckily, we avoided most of them by using fast passes and seeing shows instead.  We went to Dumbo first because it was a 25 minute wait. I can say that I haven’t been on that ride in the longest time but it was so much fun. Afterwards, all of us were still hungry, so we got some more snacks to share. Little disclaimer, we ate a lot. Not sure what is was this time around, we were just constantly hungry. We went to the Gaston’s Tavern in Fantasy Land and ate there. Kate and I had some veggies and fruits and my grandpa bought a giant cinnamon roll. It was SO GOOD. Sorry for the bad lighting in the cinnamon roll photo, it was very dark and flash didn’t look good.







After we ate our snack, it was time for our fast passes on Winnie the Pooh. It only was a 5 minute wait with the passes! We had a great time on the ride and then went to see some other shows because the lines got so long at other rides. We stopped to see Mickey’s PhilharMagic show, the Carousel of Progress, and the Country Bear Jamboree. They all were nice, cool, and dark. It was around 93 degrees the whole day, which isn’t too bad, but not fun with long lines. We then rode Buzz Lightear with another one of our fast passes and my sister beat me and my grandpa very badly. So much fun!! After all of these rides, it had passed a few hours, so we grabbed a small lunch at the Mexican restaurant near Pirates of the Caribbean. Unfortunately, I was so hungry that I ate my food before I took a picture of it! I just had some kids nachos with salsa and veggies. It was so good! Afterwards, we rode Pirates of the Caribbean and waited for 45 minutes. It was well worth it though. Kate matched perfectly because of her Pirate Ears. She loved holding the Minnie Tsum Tsum so that she had all Minnie!


After Pirates, we walked all the way across the park to Tomorrowland. We stopped at the Tangled Restrooms to take some photos and use the bathrooms. It’s so cute back there! I wish it wasn’t bathrooms so then taking photos wouldn’t be as weird! Also, in the Tomorrowland entrance photo below, you can see some of the outfits for “Dapper Day”. That’s not Mary Poppins! At Tomorrowland, we rode the People Mover and also went to the Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor. The show was hilarious and didn’t take too long to get into. We were going to ride Space Mountain too, but then it was a 95 minute wait. Oh well. I also got to take a famous purple wall photo. I found our recently that the purple wall by the Laugh Floor is famous at Disney for photos, so I wanted to take one! Kate and I then used the last fast pass on Thunder Mountain and we then left the park to go to the Polynesian to get Dole Whip Swirl with Vanilla. At Magic Kingdom, they serve Dole Whip, which is a pineapple custard. But, if you go to the Pineapple Lanai at the Polynesian Hotel, you can get Dole Whip mixed with vanilla soft serve. It is my favorite Disney treat! After that, we went back to the hotel and I went swimming while the others showered. We had such a great time for the day! Hope you enjoyed the post!

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