Mail with Me: April Edition

Hey readers! Today’s post has been highly requested because many of you like to see what I receive in the mail and what I order. This post is not to brag or showoff; I’m just doing it because of the large amount of requests I received. Enjoy the post!

1. Coastal Charm Tees Rep Box

I recently became a Coastal Charm Tees brand rep, which means that I promote their brand by having a coupon code (SUNSHINE17) available for others to use and I also take photos in their apparel. Inside the box was a cute pair of pink sunglasses, a clear logo water bottle, many fun stickers, and a mint-green short sleeve. Thank you to Coastal Charm for being so generous and kind! Send me proof that you used my code for some stickers!





2. Lululemon

I love Lululemon. They have my favorite workout gear, but it is pricey. Their sports bras are my absolute favorite for volleyball, and when I saw one on sale, I figured I would splurge. I actually bought this with my own money using my new debit card and I felt very official doing it. Unfortunately, the exact print I bought sold out, but this one is very similar.


3. Jadelynn Brooke Stickers 

If you fill out a sticker order form on their website, you  can receive two of their logo stickers in the mail! I love the company and the stickers are too cute. IMG_4682.JPG

4. Cute Stationary

This pineapple note pad and pen are from TJ Maxx. I received these in my Easter basket and love them! If you go to a TJ Maxx or Marshalls, you can usually find some adorable note pads and stationary. Sometimes if you’re lucky, they’ll even have Lilly Pulitzer goodies!

5. Minnie Mouse Ears 

I came across a page on Instagram and saw that they were selling Minnie Mouse ears for a great price on her Etsy!! The company is called Monica’s Magical Ears. All the ears are so unique and fun. Right before spring break, she had ears on sale for six dollars. Six dollars!! The ones at the parks are around $35 dollars, so it was a great deal. For that price, I figured the ears weren’t going to be the best quality, but I was so wrong. The ears are sewn tightly, the bow is perfect, and the headband has grippers so it won’t slide off your head. Overall, I’m so excited to wear them.


Thanks for reading!



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