How I Organize My Agenda

Thanks everyone for voting on the blogpost on my Instagram! I will be doing the weekend at Disney as well because of the amount of votes for that! I love to plan my days & organize my life in agendas. They really help me stay on top of things and keep myself on track. I mostly use them for school to remember my homework, tests, and projects. I’ve been using my Day Designer from Target, but it unfortunately was breaking. I have always wanted a Lilly Pulitzer agenda, but could never get myself to buy one for thirty dollars or more! I just think it’s a little ridiculous because that’s about how much shirts cost. Recently, I found a Lilly Pulitzer Agenda at HomeGoods for 50% off, so it was only $15 dollars instead of 30! I was so excited and bought it as my new agenda. Today’s post will be explaining about how I organize my agenda. I believe it’s the size Large in Tusk in Sun. Also, I did receive questions about time management and I’ll be answering those in a blogpost soon!!

In the first pages, it just has fun stickers and places to plan your vacation. I sometimes use it as a packing list, but I use the addresses and important dates more. Honestly, I use the stickers the most. They make your calendar so bright! There’s also some Lilly 5 x 5 paintings which are so pretty!


To write in my agenda, I use pencils in case my plans or homework change. To check off my homework, I use pen or flare pen depending on the week. I’m very organized, so I only use black pen to check off assignments. Since this is my fourth year of middle school, I’ve figured out what homework tips and tricks work best for me. The day the assignment is due is when I write it in my agenda. For instance, if I have English homework due Thursday, then I write it on Thursday. This method works best for me because then I can have an overview of my week.

In the monthly calendar, I write all of my personal events, plans, or trips. When I write my trips in, I usually highlight around the dates that I’ll be gone. The one thing that I don’t put in my calendar is volleyball practices, otherwise my agenda would be too full to write anything else! Sometimes I like to add stickers to various dates to make the calendar visually appealing.


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