Nautical and Navy with Lemon & Line

Today’s blogpost will be short and sweet on an outfit that I’ve been loving lately. First off, excuse my hair in these pictures! I’m getting it cut soon so it will be more manageable, but my hair was not cooperating with me. This top is from JCrew that I got at the outlet mall on President’s Day Weekend for around $20 as opposed to $80. Great markdowns! (I suggest going to outlets on holiday weekends for the best deals). It’s so soft and even has a little hoodie on the back. FYI; they have a men’s hoodie like this in navy if you wanted it in another color. For my shorts, I’m just wearing some simple American Eagle denim shorts. They are pricey, but great quality. Sometimes they have sales where shorts are marked down to twenty dollars, which is still somewhat pricey. As for my bag I’m just carrying my Le Pliage Longchamp. I believe that mine is a size small with the long straps. I use mine for travel and such because I don’t need a huge purse. Lastly, my rope bracelets are from Lemon and Line, which is a preppy jewelry brand all about sailing and having fun. I’m so glad that I won a giveaway to receive these from @socutesoprep because I wear them too much! ¬†Hopefully you enjoyed this post!

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