Just Be Nice.

Today’s blogpost is a very important one to me. I’ve been noticing things lately, not directed at me, but to others, and wanted to put out this message. This is mostly for me, but also meant to be shared.


Recently, I have found that people are trying to hurt others. Is it fun to drag others down?Does it make you feel any better about yourself? If you answered yes to either of these, I suggest that you reconsider your choices. Obviously, I’m currently in middle school and it’s apparently the toughest years of your life. Honestly, I’ve had a pretty great middle school experience compared to what I thought it would be like. I enjoy school, sports, and have wonderful friends to support me. This year has been more difficult. I have been with people in my class, volleyball team, and people in general for so many years. At school, I’ve been hearing and seeing a lot of rude comments, mean snapchats, and insulting Instagram posts directed towards my classmates or friends. Just because it is online does not make it better than saying something in person. This is not a lecture about how “online is bad” or whatever, I love social media! I understand that not everyone needs to be happy all the time, but it is unacceptable to treat one another like this. You rise by lifting others. If you are not a part of the change, then what good are you? Purposely hurting others is another one of my main points. For some reason, some of my classmates like to tease others about what their wearing, point out their flaws, or insult them. That’s just uncalled for. It does nothing for you and only hurts the other person. You do not have to be best friends with everyone, but at least be kind. For instance, my blog and Instagram. I don’t run around school sharing my blog link with everyone because I don’t want to get teased. Weird right?! I’m very proud of how hard I work on my blogposts and Instagram posts, and how much time I put into them, so I shouldn’t want to hide it. If people could just be nice, there would be no issues. Let others have their say, views, and opinions. Just be kind and invite others to sit at your lunch table, hang out with you, or work on a project. Speaking out of the other side of my mouth, I understand that it is the end of eighth grade, everyone is burned out, but that is still no excuse to directly hurt others. Many people say that the people who tease are insecure about themselves, which I believe is partially true, but also, everyone is caught up trying to be so cool. If the type of people you are hanging out with think that being mean to others is cool, I’d find some new friends. If you are friends with these type of people, others probably don’t like you. My point is, just being nice is easier than hurting others. Hopefully this message gets spread around. This is a topic that is very close to my heart because I hate when others are upset due to a form of bullying. Thank you for reading this blogpost and I hope you can understand my points and just be nice.

8 thoughts on “Just Be Nice.

  1. Madison says:

    It makes me so happy knowing that younger generations (especially middle schoolers) understand this. Spread the love and kindness to those around you and others will follow! šŸ™‚


  2. Prep.4.less says:

    Totally can understand not wanting to share your blog even though it means a lot to you! It’s absolutely crushing when someone you care about doesn’t appreciate what you’ve made. The important thing is that you are proud of it and writing your blog makes you happy!


  3. Dorothy says:

    Thanks for this JšŸ’– I love that you are spreading the message and you will always have my back when people aren’t being kind


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