My Pink and Green Garden

You’re probably wondering by the title what the heck this blogpost is about. Well, let me explain. But first, I’m just going to say that I probably won’t be posting as much this month on the blog due to my schedule. And secondly, this post. My Pink and Green Garden isn’t just some random title that I came up with, but it’s actually the name of an Etsy shop!

In the past weeks, I won a giveaway from them and I was so excited. I’ve been following their account for quite some time, and had planned on ordering one anyway. My Pink and Green Garden specializes in making Lilly Pulitzer pillows, whether they be monogrammed or have a design. She also makes sewn banners and many other fun goodies. Many of my blog readers request that I do “hauls”, but I have been loving this pillow and banner, so I wanted to share too.

My pillow has my monogram on it and it’s in the print Lovers Coral from Lilly Pulitzer. I chose the color green for the pom pom details along the sides because it matches perfectly with my sister and I’s room. Also included in the giveaway was a Lilly Pulitzer banner in Lovers Coral. It’s HUGE and I can’t wait to hang it over my bulletin board. The sewing is so nicely done and practically seamless.

Lastly, a Lilly Pulitzer for Starbucks Swell Bottle was included in the giveaway and I’m so beyond excited. These just came out and completely sold out online within the first four hours. I’m so fortunate to be able to own one! My sister and I will be getting a lot of use out of it since we use reusable water bottles everyday. Thanks for reading and give me a follow on Instagram! @sunshinestatejulia.

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