How to Change A Bad Day

A few weeks ago was not my best week. It was just a no fun, down-right, bad week. All of it. And I gotta say, I really hated it. The stress of school, sports, and friends just hit me like a train wreck. I usually love school, volleyball, and everything else, but last week was very different. I need to understand that sometimes you just have a very bad day or week. That’s how I got my inspiration for today’s blogpost. How to Change a Bad Day. This is so difficult for me. I like to think that I’m a pretty positive person, but sometimes I expect everything to be positive and good too. And sometimes, it just doesn’t workout like that. If that’s the case, try these tips and tricks that I have for changing my day.

1. Drink Hot Tea

Drinking a cup of warm tea really calms me down. I love a good-smelling lose leaf tea. They are so easy to make and when I slowly sip it, it gives me time to think about my day and to just relax. My favorite tea is an apple cinnamon lose leaf tea from a local teahouse near us! They also serve the same brand of tea at Oxford Exchange. The mug in the photo below is from an Etsy store called Raisin Wild . The mug is hand painted and has such a fun quote on the front, “Rise and Grind“. This mug was sent to me from Carly at Raisin Wild, but all opinions are my own.

2. Take A Bath

Taking a hot bath with some bubbles feels so great when you are feeling down. I love to soak and relax with a Lush product in the bath or I use tea tree oil. Sometimes just relaxing by yourself feels great.

3. Talk

Talking it out and getting advice from someone you trust is so important. Sometimes, it just feels good to talk it out and get support. Just ask.
I hope this helped and gave you suggestions and new methods to try out for when you are feeling down. Have a great day & thanks for reading!

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