January Favorites

1. Raisin Wild Mug

This mug is from an online shop called Raisin Wild on Etsy. They sell monogrammed earrings, onesies for babies, and some very cute mugs like the one pictured below. All the mugs in the store are hand painted by Carly, the owner! This one is super cute and says “Rise and Grind.”

2. Loose Leaf Tea

I have loved tea for a really long time, but recently for Christmas I was given some loose leaf tea from a local tea/coffee shop. Loose leaf tea and tea bags are so different because the loose leaf tastes so much better! The flavors are apple cinnamon,  kiwi coconut cherry, blueberry pomegranate, Moroccan mint, and a berry flavor. It’s so cool because all the teas look like dried up leaves, sticks, to rocks, but they let off the most amazing scent.

3. Kendra Scott Necklace

My go-to necklace for school and the weekends is my Elisa Kendra Scott Necklace. It’s so danity and adorable and matches with any outfit! I chose the gray color in the middle and a silver chain because I prefer silver jewelry over gold. I get so much use out of this necklace.

4. Fun Stickers!

Lately I’ve been really into collecting stickers! Some of my favorites are Coastal Cay Stickers, Jadelynn Brooke Stickers, and these Southern Marsh Stickers. I’m definetly going to be using these on waterbottles, books, and next year’s school supplies.

5. Straight Hair

Recently, I’ve been loving to straighten my hair. My hair is very thick, long, and wavy, so sometimes I don’t have the patience or the time to straighten it. Over the month of January, I ended up straightening my hair a few times and I really loved the look of it! Hopefully I will straighten my hair more often, but I don’t want to too frequently, otherwise it won’t be as special when I do.

6. Altiods Mints

For Christmas, I received some containers of Altoids mints! They are so spicy and keep your mouth very fresh. Kind of a random item, but I’ve been loving it.

7. Bliss Bar

This is a soap/scrub bar by Bliss that you can find at TJ Maxx or Target. It smells so fresh like mint and has a soft and “sharp” side of the bar. It smells amazing and also feels amazing!

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