Get to Know Me: Q&A

Hey everyone! I thought it was important for my readers and followers to get to know me better, so I asked for questions on Instagram for a Q&A blogpost! Thank you to everyone for asking questions!

Q: What’s something you consider as a preppy essential?

A: Definitely a positive attitude. Trust me, I’m not always super cheerful or happy, but I think it’s important to have a positive outlook. For an actual thing that is preppy, I would say classic jewelry. Statement necklaces are a great touch to any outfit and so are dainty jewelry such as Kendra Scott.

Q: What’s your favorite class?

A: English! Honestly I don’t enjoy Grammar or Literature that much, but my love for writing is probably why I enjoy it so much. I also LOVE history class. I’m so interested by the Reconstruction Era & the Jim Crow Era.

Q: What’s your favorite plant or flower?

A:  Hydrangeas or Sunflowers are my favorite flowers.

Q: What’s your dream job when you are older?

A: Something with writing. Maybe I’ll get into social media marketing or journalism. Honestly, the ultimate goal is to be able to write my own blog and have that be my job, but that’s nearly impossible to achieve, so I’ll start small. Another possibility could be a Civil Rights Lawyer or Attorney.

Q: What’s your favorite Lilly print?

A: Anything with four colors or less. I’m not a huge fan of seven different colors on an outfit. My favorite print is actually my birthday month’s, Poolside Lovebirds.

Q: Favorite brand?

A: I get clothes from many different stores from TJ Maxx to Lilly Pulitzer.  My favorite would definetly be Gap or Old Navy. The prices are great and I can find just about anything that I like.

Q: My go-to outfit?

A: Honestly, this changes every few months. Right now it would be a pair of ripped jeans, Tory Burch shoes, and a striped shirt. I love being comfortable and looking cute at the same time.

Q: How do you prep for less?

A: I can do a blogpost later and go into detail, but shopping for basics at TJ Maxx or Old Navy saves alot of money.

Q: What are your tips for being preppy?

A: I wouldn’t say that “preppy” means having all designer brands and everything expensive. Honestly being well-put together, kind, and responsible is what comes to mind when I think about being “preppy”. Those are my main tips!

Q: What’s your favorite jewelry to wear?

A: This sounds very stereotypical, but my Kendra Scott necklace. I love any dainty, layering necklaces. I’m also loving a dainty necklace that I have that is blown glass!

Q: What tips do you have for taking cute pictures?

A: Definitely take good quality photos. Try to avoid flash in pictures and easy things like that. Being creative makes photos interesting as well. I know personally that I don’t like to see repetition in people’s photos on their blogs or Instagram. The reason I follow people is to see their creativeness!! I can do a blogpost to go into depth about how I edit my pictures!

Q: Do you have pets or siblings?

A: Yes, I have a younger sister named Kate and I have seven snakes. Yes, seven. For me, that’s too many. Originally, we had two snakes which was fine, but then they had babies so now we have seven. There’s something I bet none of you know about me!

Q: What are your favorite t-shirt brands?

A: Definitely CoastalCay, Lilly Curls Designs (use my code JULIA2017 for 20% off your purchase!) , Vineyard Vines, and Coastal Charm Tees.

Q: What got you into fashion?

A: I’ve always loved dressing up and such, but I guess I just enjoy keeping up with the latest trends and looking nice because it’s just fun! Not really the best answer, sorry!

Q: What are some of your favorite things about having a preppy Instagram?

A: I love to meet other bloggers or Instgrammers! It’s so fun to collaborate on blogposts or Instagram posts. Another thing I enjoy is working with some companies. It’s a great feeling when one reaches out to you.

Thank you for reading!


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