Snow Day!


Recently, I asked on my Instagram Story what blogposts what you all wanted to read, and I was SO excited that many of you responded and had many suggestions! I wrote all of them down so that I can (hopefully) do them all! Anyways, one of the top suggestions was winter outfits. Living in Florida, it doesn’t get very cold, in the mornings the lowest is about 45 degrees! I still wanted to share my favorite outfits for winter with you guys!

This first outfit is by far my favorite because I love vests, especially quilted ones! The vest I’m wearing is from Old Navy (the exact one I’m wearing sold out, but there are many other cute, inexpensive choices on Old Navy and Gap) and I can’t get enough of it. it is actually such high-quality material for being under twenty dollars! A classic-quilted vest looks adorable with any solid-colored shirt. My favorite long-sleeve shirts are surprisingly, from Target! I have the same shirt in four colors because of how soft and stretchy the fabric is!


To spice up my outfit a little, I did a dutch braid on the side of my hair and connected it into a loose ponytail. Here’s a little tip: If you don’t feel like wearing a necklace, try something fun with your hair! It is just as cute and adds a fun touch to your outfit.


Lastly, I wore my black UGG Boots, which are so ridiculously soft because of the sheep wool inside!


Hope you all enjoyed today’s post!

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