Conquering My Biggest Fear

Today, I conquered my biggest fear. Horseback riding. I had been before but I had a horrible experience because my horse took off running down a hill and got my foot stuck in a fence. Today in Costa Rica, I needed to ride on a horse in order to get to the waterfall which we swam in. It was an hour horse ride trip each way. I was very nervous before the trip, but really wanted to swim in the waterfall. My horse, unfortunately, was stubborn and liked to go off the trail. When I got on the horse, it immediately started walking away from the group and I went into panick mode and started to cry a bit. I’m so genuinely terrified of horses, but in order to control them, you need confidence, which I gained on the way back from the waterfall. I’m so afraid to fall, hurt the horse, or have the horse hurt me. They are such huge creatures that move freely and carelessly. Anyways, I rode the horse and somewhat enjoyed it on the way back. My horse, Aries, even took off running down a hill and I sort of enjoyed it!! I’m not saying that I want to get on a horse anytime soon, but I was more relaxed towards the end of the trip. I think that going out of your comfort zone and conquering fears is really important and builds character. This is one of my greatest fears. I pushed through this and needed to relax, breath, and fake confidence. Here’s my tips and tricks for conquering your fear:


 1. Breath & Try Not to Cry

When people tell you to “relax” it really doesn’t do anything. You’re thinking “How do I relax when I am terrified?!!” If you breath slowly and take control of yourself, you will gain control of the activity. Crying just leads to stress which gave me a huge headache, so try and avoid that.

2. Have Support

My friends and family definitely helped me through this. My friend Ryan, Dr. Chris, and my dad really talked me through the last part and gave me suggestions for handling it. Turn to support for help.

3. Think about the situation

I’m terrified of horse back riding. Some people are of flying, going snorkeling, whatever it may be. Think about how many people do it, what the best way to go about it is, stuff like that.

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