Holiday Outfit

Happy Holidays everyone! In honor of Christmas coming around the corner, Juliana and I have paired up together to bring you some holiday looks that are perfect for dinners, parties, and get togethers. Our styles are very similar and I hope you enjoy our posts!  I’ll link her blog below so you can see her holiday outfit as well as mine! 

First off, this top is a simple, plain green/blue shirt from Target. Target is not my usual place to look for clothes, but lately they have been having adorable and afforable clothing. They’ve been having alot of cute shirts, vests, and dresses lately. This long sleeve green top is extremely soft and a little long on me, which makes it even more comfortable! 

This plaid scarf is from Abercrombie. Very surprising! It is so soft. When I say soft, I mean that I could sleep with it on! This scarf is just a long, rectangular shape with small frays at the edges. It’s the perfect Christmas colors and can be worn in many different styles such as with a t-shirt dress, jeans, or a skirt. I also bought this while it was 50% off on Black Friday, so it was only twelve dollars. 

These jeans are actually jeggings from American Eagle. They are my absolute favorites because they fit perfectly. I have such a hard time finding jeans usually, but now I have some pairs that fit! Also, you can get these jeans in a light wash, medium wash, or dark wash. 


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