Holiday Gift Guide: Afforable and Adorable 

Happy December! Today’s post will be dealing with easy and affordable Christmas gifts. As a thirteen year old, it’s difficult to make money because you can’t really get a job quite yet. When Christmas season comes around, I always like to get my family some gifts because of how much I love them. My price range for the gifts I’ll be talking about today will be thirty dollars and under.



  • Koozie’s are perfect for anyone! They are so inexpensive, usually five dollars and under, and actually are useful gifts. The Lilly Pulitzer koozie’s are six dollars each, but you can find cheaper ones elsewhere.


  • Scarves are perfect for the holidays, and useful. You can find many for under twenty dollars! Target has a huge collection of scarves that are affordable and cute.


  • Tervis Tumbler’s are perfect gifts because they’re useful and adorable. The one below is one of my favorites because it’s personalized. You can find these at Bells and Macy’s.

Jacob Wallace Designs Stocking:

  • This gift is a personalized, meaningful gift which can be used all holiday season! These stockings are Lilly Pulitzer printed with a beautiful monogram and are super cute to hang by the Christmas tree. You can use my code “SUNSHINE” to get 20% off and free shipping, making the stocking only 30 dollars instead of 40 with my code!

Cute Pens:

  • Pens are such a practical and useful gift for school. The ones pictured above are just Kate Spade polka dotted pens.

Stud Earrings:

  • Stud earrings are so simple and elegant. There are so many different styles to choose from as well as a huge price range.

Monogrammed Baseball Hat:

  • Personalized gifts are some of my favorites and living in Florida, we wear hats all the time! You can order so many monogrammed hats from Etsy.

Target Giftcard:

  • At Target, you can find almost anything. I love Target’s clothes, food, and shoes. I love having Target giftcards.

Liquid Lipsticks:

  • Liquid Lipsticks are a huge trend lately. The one pictured above is from Nars, which is expensive, but you can find some cheaper ones at the drugstore.

Cosmetic Bag:

  • There are so many different, cute makeup bags and they are very, very inexpensive. The one above I thought was kinda funny, but you can always get a plain one. Target actually has a huge selection of bags.

Boom Chicka Pop:

  • Boom Chicka Pop is the tastiest popcorn ever! They have so many holiday flavors and normal selections. I’m not one to love popcorn, but Boom Chicka Pop has very small kernels too.


  • Candles are such a thoughtful gift because you need to know what scent they like and what the outside of the candle looks like. Some of my favorite scents are green gingerbread, lavender, apple spice, and green tea.

Card Games:

  • This is a great gift for younger families or travelers. I know when I’m traveling on an airplane, car, etc, my sister and I like to play some games because going on our electronics will get boring. By this point, my sister and I have SO MANY games! One of our favorites is Uno. Another good choice would be spot it.

Bath Bombs:

  • Bath bombs are amazing, especially from Lush. Most people don’t go out and buy a seven dollar bath bomb to use for themselves, so this is the perfect Christmas gift. Lush has huge selections. If you check back many blogposts, I did a Lush collection! Unfortunately, my sister and I used almost all of it!


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