Coastal Cay

Hey everyone! I recently was accepted as a Coastal Cay brand rep and I’m so excited. This company’s t-shirts are very cute and comfortable, and the meaning is totally me. Coastal Cay is a company to represent the beach life and taking it easy, which I love! The shop isn’t open yet, but will be opening in the spring of 2017. These are some of their products that I will honestly review on my blog and Instagram. I will be having a coupon code for Coastal Cay when the shop opens, and I will let you all know when I get it!

The first item I’m reviewing are their koozies. These are simple koozies with a pastel color and the logo, a sand dollar on each side. They are sturdy and the seams are tightly sewn so they won’t break on you!

The next thing is the t-shirts. The t-shirts fit to size and the colors are so vibrant! The material is cotton and is nice quality. Honestly, I have nothing bad to say about these products!  

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