October Favorites

For today’s post I’ll be talking about my September and October favorites. These will include clothing, products, foods, and random knick knacks. Let’s get on with the post!

1. 365 Days of Wonder

The book Wonder was featured in my favorite book blog post a while back, and this book is a collection of quotes for each day of the year. I love to wake up in the morning and read my quote and later read it before I go to bed. It’s such a great idea for a positive start on the day.

2. Lace up tops

Lately I’ve been loving the “lace up” tops. They aren’t really my style, but I do really like them. You can get this one from Hollister and it’s very nice quality.

3. GreekChicBoutique headband

This headband is in one of my favorite Lilly prints, You Gotta Regatta, and I love this headband!! The fabric is so nice and I love to wear it to school to brighten up my boring uniform.

4. Abercrombie Jeans

This summer, I grew out of a lot of my clothes. That meant jean shopping, ugh. We went into Abercombie Kids and they have the softest, most comfortable jeans ever!

5. Lush Bathbomb “Lava Lamp”

This bath bomb is bright orange and purple, smells like citrus, and is so refreshing. Recently, Lush opened up a new, huge store near me. I really just want to buy everything inside. Coming from a person who hates scented things, this says a lot.

6. Dried Fuju Apple Crisps

These healthy an delicious snacks are great to take anywhere! They are sweet, but also tart and are really delicious. I don’t usually like dried fruit, but these are so easy and tasty.

7. White Converse

I recently went on a class trip and needed to comfortable and cute walking shoes. My awesome mom picked up a pair of white converse and they’re perfect for walking. I also have a very narrow foot and these fit perfectly.

8. Cetaphil Moisturizing Make Up Remover Wipes

These make-up remover wipes actually work! They’re unscented and work like a charm.

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