Fall Outfit Inspiration 

Hey everyone! Today I’ll be sharing a few fall outfits to wear. I had such a fun time with my sister taking these photos and I hope you enjoy these! I will link all my pieces from my outfits so you can shop them if you like. (Thanks Kate for helping me out xoxo) 

Outfit N°1: 

This first outfit is for not as cold days. Obviously, Florida doesn’t get so cold during fall, so I don’t need many layers. My top is a navy, off the shoulder top paired with some light wash jeans, a simple bracelet, and my navy Sperry’s.

Hollister Top
Abercrombie Jeans
Sperry Shoes (Similiar)

Outfit N°2: 

This next outfit is more layers. First off, my pants are some textured leggings from Nordstrom which I love! My top is a flannel which is so soft, and I wore my puffer vest over it. For my shoes I wore my army green Birkenstocks. 

Throwing a pumpkin isn’t very easy! 🙂 


Old Navy Flannel (Similar)

Nordstrom Pants

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